Nate Diaz Defends McGregor Against Boxing’s ‘One-Dimensional’ Clowns

UFC 202

As soon as Nate Diaz was announced to fight Conor McGregor back at UFC 196, we all knew it was going to be something special. It was the first time McGregor’s trash talk would bounce off of someone. There wouldn’t be any getting in Diaz’s head, he would only shrug, curse and go on a rant about the type of ninjutsu he was going to do. It would be the start of a rivalry between the Stockton soldier and that loud-mouthed Irish yakuza that would make the UFC a lot of money, as well as generate respect between both fighters. A respect that has seemed to last, considering Nate Diaz just recently had a whole lot to stay about boxers and their criticisms of McGregor to TMZ.

“Now all the boxers are criticizing Conor like ‘Conor will get embarrassed’, but that’s a real arrogant thing to say. Wanna’ know something that’s even more embarrassing? If Floyd fought Conor in an MMA match, it would be more embarrassing than if Conor fought Floyd in a boxing match. [Floyd] would get mounted and laughed at, and slapped around [and Conor] would smile at the crowd and wave.”

UFC 196

“Boxers are clowns sometimes now. I’m never taking the MMA fighters over the boxer’s side when it comes to punching and sh-t, but I’m like, don’t be talking sh-t. [They say MMA fighters] ‘would get embarrassed, it’s ridiculous’ yeah, but we’re talking real fighting now you one-dimensional boxing f-cks. This is real life sh-t, you’ll get embarrassed.”

That’s more than Nate Diaz has talked since Ariel Helwani gave him his own episode of The MMA Hour. The irony here is that it was all about Conor McGregor. He didn’t talk about fighting him again, even though we know it’s a high possibility, but shut down the boxing ‘clowns’ who want to talk trash about him and MMA. Another guy that has been in the Mayweather/McGregor orbit didn’t escape a scolding either. Paul Malignaggi might need to ease back on how he speaks, or else it looks like he may end up Diaz’s hit list.

“That [Malignaggi] guy was on the internet talking sh-t on him the other day. I’m like, What kind of sparring partners you got? I’d shove that guy in the gym and beat his ass if I was Conor, like: ‘what you’re going to put me on blast about what? You don’t know shit. What gave you the right to talk sh-t, criticize if we’re working together when I could beat your ass for real?’. Don’t even speak. That’s my thoughts.”

This article first appeared on on 8/19/2017.

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