Paul Malignaggi Storms Twitter to Explain Conor McGregor Knockdown Footage

Conor McGregor Paulie Malignaggi

What a wonderful day in the gym today, what a wonderful day for a sparring partner, won’t you be mine? Won’t you be mine? The sun is shining and it’s not just the birds that are tweeting. If you didn’t catch it last night, Dana White waited until right after Conor McGregor’s open workout to release the much-talked about videos of the Paul Malignaggi sparring sessions. If Malignaggi thought those pics were unflattering, then it was guaranteed this knockdown footage was going to send him in a rage. He rushed to Twitter moments after the release to say what he always has: This was a push.

He didn’t stop there though, since last night Malignaggi has logged in over 40 tweets directly trying to deflect the footage. Chances are, if you tweet Malignaggi about what went down with Conor McGregor, you’ll be RTed and featured on his timeline on the receiving end of a tirade. This has carried over to the day of this article’s release. You have to give a nod to Malignaggi for sticking to his story just from sheer persistence, but that amount of tweets starts to enter into “thou dost protest too much” territory. As with the footage, that’s up for you to judge. One thing is for sure, Conor McGregor has a giant grin on his face.

Paul Malignaggi’s Ongoing Reaction: 

“U don’t see his right hand dragging me behind my neck to the right where his lead right foot from southpaw stance is? Notoriously blind bro. Watch right hand drag me behind my neck, hes also a southpaw so it’s draggin me toward his lead foot that I trip over, have push half trip. What I been saying still holds true, he gets 11 and 12 of which he shows footage and the “knockdown” is right hand draggin me down. 36 min. That was round 12 which I’ve openly discussed I was fatigued and lost. The “knockdown” however watch his right hand drag me from behind neck. Videos didn’t confirm anything I hadn’t already said to be honest. To confirm everything else I said just gotta see all 36 minutes. Cortez was refereeing dipshit, they cut the clip out of him saying no knockdown right after it happened. All love, if it’s a knockdown I would admit. I had already admitted 11 n 12 were no good for me. I also stand by the 36 min as a whole tho. I mean, even tonight’s highlights showed what I already said, as a whole he got his ass beat that session but never will they release. I would never put myself in position 2 lie when I asked for vid. Your eyes are going to tell you what YOU WANT to be true here mate, in the still footage of vid u can see what happens, your choice 2 see it. I think people will see what they wanna see here, he fucks himself with this footage cause Floyds team will alert ref he fouls this way now.” — A collection of Paul Malignaggi’s tweets on the footage.

This article first appeared on on 8/12/2017.

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