Jake Paul defeats Nate Diaz (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - August 5, 2023

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz collide in the headliner of tonight’s DAZN pay-per-view event at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

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Paul (6-1 Boxing) will be returning to action for the first time since suffering a split decision loss to Tommy Fury in February of this year. Prior to that setback, ‘The Problem Child’ had gone a perfect 6-0 in boxing, which included knockout victories over former MMA champions Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

Meanwhile, Nate Diaz will be making his professional boxing debut this evening in Dallas, Texas. The former UFC lightweight title challenger last competed in combat sports eleven months ago, where he scored a submission win over Tony Ferguson.

Round one of ‘Paul vs. Diaz’ begins and Jake goes to the body early. Nate whiffs with a hook. Jake Paul comes forward with a big combination. Diaz is in trouble. Big combinations from ‘The Problem Child’. He connects with a big right hand. Nate Diaz looks to clinch but is unable to do so. ‘The Stockton Slugger’ fire back with a combination. Paul with a good left hook. He continues to press the action until the bell sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Diaz comes forward immediately. Jake Paul with a body shot. He lands a left hook. Nate lands one of his own. The fighters tie up and the referee steps in. Paul with a left hook and then a hard shot to the body. Nate Diaz with some good uppercuts in the clinch. Nate with a nice jab. Jake lands one of his own. He is coming after Diaz now. The former UFC star begins to unload some punches in bunches. Paul rips the body. Diaz returns fire with a pair of body shots.

Round three begins and Jake Paul connects with a nice uppercut. He continues to land his left hook pretty freely. Nate Diaz swings and misses, and Paul cracks him with a left. Nate with some pressure now. He works the body and snaps a jab. Another left jab from Diaz. ‘The Problem Child’ comes over the top with a right. He goes to the body and then lands another left hook. Diaz with a combination. He lands some solid punches now. Jake with a right. The bell sounds to end round three.

Round four of ‘Paul vs. Diaz’ begins and the former UFC title challenger appears to be getting more and more comfortable. He is pushing the pace now. Paul with a couple of jabs. Nate Diaz with a good combination. He is walking Jake Paul down now. Big punches from Diaz. Jake replies with a good uppercut. Nate continues to press the action. He is peppering Paul with shots. The bell sounds.

Round five begins and Jake Paul unloads a combination, but Nate Diaz blocks all three punches. ‘The Problem Child’ with a good short right. He follows that up with a pair of jabs. Diaz continues to walk forward. Jake Paul catches him with a left and Nate goes down. He gets back up and Paul is all over him with punches. Nate smiles and seems to be ok. He comes back with a combination of his own. Paul goes to the body. Diaz with a good combination.

Round six begins and Jake Paul comes out swinging. He is landing some big shots, but Nate Diaz isn’t going anywhere. He returns fire with a 1-2. Paul with a left hook. Diaz leaps in with a jab. He follows that up with some good shots. Paul is on the ropes now. Diaz is smothering him with shots. He continues to keep Paul on his back foot. ‘The Problem Child’ with a nice uppercut.

Round seven begins and Jake Paul is landing some good shots early on. Nate Diaz begins to come forward with pressure and gets off some decent punches inside. Paul circles out and continues to work his jab and left hook. We move to round eight.

Round eight of ‘Paul vs. Diaz’ begins and Nate is on the attack quickly. He is talking to Jake now. Paul doubles up on his jab. He lands a big right. Nate Diaz answers with a flurry. He connects with a pair of big uppercuts. Diaz is looking good here. A nice jab from the Stockton native. Nate with a big left. Paul is hurt. The bell sounds.

Round nine begins and Jake Paul tries to use his jab to keep Nate at range. Diaz smiles and puts his hands down. Jake lands a good right and then a left hook. Nate leaps in with a combination. Both men are slowing down a bit now. Paul continues to work his jab. Nate with a nice right hook. He goes to the body. Big uppercuts now from Diaz. Jake circles out and lands a jab. Nate Diaz comes right back with another flurry. Two good hooks land for Diaz. The bell sounds to end round nine.

The tenth and final round begins and Nate Diaz likely needs a finish if wants to leave victorious. He cuts off Paul and lands a combination. Jake Paul returns fire with a big left hook. He follows that up with a jab. Diaz with a good right hand. He swarms Paul with a flurry of shots. Jake with a good uppercut. Nate returns fire. The fighters clinch and the bell sounds to end the fight.

Official Result: Jake Paul def. Nate Diaz by unanimous decision (97-92, 98-91, 98-91)

Who would you like to see Paul fight next following his victory over Diaz this evening in Texas?

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