Daniel Cormier responds to Nate Diaz b*tch remark: “What does that make him?”

By Josh Evanoff - February 29, 2024

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier doesn’t appreciate Nate Diaz’s recent insult toward him.

Daniel Cormier, Nate Diaz

Earlier this week, the feud between ‘DC’ and the Stockton-based fighter began and it frankly came out of nowhere. On his YouTube channel, Daniel Cormier released a video discussing Nate Diaz’s potential return to the UFC. Last week, the former title challenger revealed plans to fight at the Las Vegas Sphere in September.

UFC 306 is supposed to go down at the venue that month, and it seems that Nate Diaz likes the idea of returning there. While Daniel Cormier likes the idea, he did have one issue with it. On his YouTube channel, the retired fighter stated that Diaz shouldn’t headline the show, as he’s not main event caliber at this point of his career. Unless he’s fighting someone like Conor McGregor, that is.

Well, Nate Diaz didn’t appreciate Daniel Cormier’s remarks. On social media, the former UFC title challenger responded by posting a picture of ‘DC’ crying after his second fight with Jon Jones in 2017. Diaz added that caption that Cormier was a “bitch” who wasn’t a real fighter. That’s a bit far for the commentator to take.

On his YouTube channel, Daniel Cormier responded to Nate Diaz’s comments. There, ‘DC’ slammed the former UFC fighter for speaking that way to him, especially because he didn’t say anything disrespectful. Cormier added that if he, a former two-division champion isn’t a fighter, what does that make Diaz?


UFC commentator Daniel Cormier responds to Nate Diaz’s recent comments

“When I was discussing the Sphere the other day, I said I didn’t really want to see Nate Diaz headline the card.” Daniel Cormier stated on his YouTube channel. “I thought, maybe I’m wrong, I was pretty respectful in my assessment of where he is, and why I didn’t want that. Honestly, what I said wasn’t an indictment on who he is. I just said there are more fighters deserving of being in the main event… I don’t really know Nate.”

He continued, “But I’ve always respected Nate for what he did inside the octagon, so and so. I’m a lot of things guys. But one thing I’m not, is nobody’s b*tch. I’m not a b*tch. So, my question is this. When did it become okay for men to start each other odd names like that? When did that become okay? I don’t disrespect nobody in my assessments of them, I try my best to be as fair as I can. I don’t quite understand why people think it’s okay to attack you in that way, especially calling you outside your name like that.”

“…I don’t get that, I really don’t get that, and I’m nobody’s b*tch.” Daniel Cormier concluded. “To say I’m not a fighter is just, I don’t get it man. I don’t get it. I felt like I was pretty fair to this dude. To say I’m not a fighter, when you really think about it, Nate Diaz was fun. Nate Diaz got to a championship opportunity. But if I’m not a fighter, what does that make him?”

What do you make of this back-and-forth featuring Daniel Cormier and Nate Diaz?

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