Daniel Cormier reacts to Nate Diaz’s comments about returning at UFC Sphere event: “I don’t need to see that”

By Josh Evanoff - February 27, 2024

Daniel Cormier is down to see Nate Diaz return to the UFC, as long as he’s no longer a headliner.

Daniel Cormier, Nate Diaz

The Stockton slugger has been out of action since a boxing match with Jake Paul last August. In his first appearance in the ring, Nate Diaz suffered a unanimous decision loss to ‘The Problem Child’. While the former UFC fighter was knocked down early, he had moments of success down the stretch of the bout.

Since then, Nate Diaz has been consistently calling for a UFC return. The former title challenger last defeated Tony Ferguson in September 2021, in his final appearance for the Dana White-led company. Earlier this week, Diaz took to social media, to announce plans to return at the company’s planned event at the Las Vegas Sphere in September.

UFC commentator Daniel Cormier likes the idea, but he doesn’t want to see Nate Diaz in the main event. On his YouTube channel, ‘DC’ discussed the recent comments made by the Stockton native. There, Cormier admitted that he doesn’t really want to see Diaz in the headlining act anymore unless he’s fighting someone like Conor McGregor.

Daniel Cormier added that the days of Nate Diaz in the main event are largely over, as he’s not the fighter he used to be. With that in mind, ‘DC’ believes that it’s time for the next generation of fighters to become stars. Cormier is down to see Diaz at UFC Noche, but not in a five-round bout.


Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier reacts to Nate Diaz’s comments about returning at UFC 306

“I like Nate Diaz. But I believe now it is the time for us to be honest with ourselves, so Nate can be honest with himself.” Daniel Cormier stated in a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel “There are only a couple of people that he can headline a pay-per-view with now. Just because of where he is in his career. I think that’s Conor McGregor if they do the trilogy, and possibly Jorge Masvidal.”

He continued, “But we have to be honest to ourselves in this regard. We are keeping these dudes relevant, Masvidal and Diaz, because when they say things everyone jumps on it, like I am doing right now myself. But does that pay-per-view, Noche UFC, look better to you with Nate as the main event? While the name value is exciting, Nate Diaz the fighter, isn’t that guy anymore.”

“…This isn’t the guy that beat Conor the first time.” Daniel Cormier concluded. “…Last time he won a fight was against Tony Ferguson and we know who Tony Ferguson is today… Will I watch him on the pay-per-view card, absolutely… But to be the headliner, with all these great fighters that are deserving of that spot? I don’t think so. I don’t need to see that.”

What do you make of these comments from Daniel Cormier? Do you want to see Nate Diaz fight at UFC Noche in September?

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