Mike Perry taunts Darren Till in hopes of securing bare knuckle boxing match: “Wouldn’t it be something if I rawdogged those cheeks”

By Harry Kettle - September 18, 2023

Mike Perry has taunted Darren Till with his hope being that he can secure a bare-knuckle boxing match against him in the future.

Darren Till, Mike Perry

Right now, it’s pretty clear to see that Mike Perry is the king of bare-knuckle boxing. His transition over from mixed martial arts has been incredible, with many noting that he’s quickly become the face of BKFC. He’s willing to take on all challengers, and he’s made a real name for himself as a result of it.

Perry was always viewed as an interesting character in combat sports and that’ll likely remain the case for many years to come. In equal measure, fans want to see him go up against other notable stars.

One person who he has history with is none other than Darren Till. The two were rumored to be facing off against each other many years ago in the UFC, but for whatever reason, it never quite came to fruition. Now, though, with neither man fighting for the promotion, the match-up is back on the table.


In the following Twitter (X) exchange, it was made crystal clear that Perry wants the fight.


Perry wants Till showdown

Till: “Had a good week this week. My boxing game got so good this last six months. Happy with my improvements.”

Perry: “Wouldn’t it be something if I rawdogged those cheeks #Bareknuckle”

There’s no denying that this would draw some big numbers for BKFC. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, they’re able to make this become a reality.

Are you interested in the idea of Darren Till vs Mike Perry in bare-knuckle boxing? Who would be your favorite to win the contest and why? Let us know your thoughts on this fun bout, BJPENN Nation!

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