Michael Bisping sounds off on “hater” for suggesting Anthony Smith “was smashed” by Johnny Walker at UFC on ABC 4

By Harry Kettle - May 15, 2023

MMA analyst Michael Bisping has hit out at a “hater” for implying that Anthony Smith got smashed in his defeat to Johnny Walker.

Michael Bisping

Last weekend, Anthony Smith fell to a heavy defeat at the hands of Johnny Walker. While it did wind up going to the judges’ scorecards, it was clear to see that Smith had taken a decent amount of punishment. In the eyes of many, Walker could’ve – and perhaps should’ve – been able to secure a finish in the third and final round.

This led many to criticize Smith for his approach to the contest and how it turned out.

After reading a negative comment from a fan on his show, Smith’s close friend Michael Bisping had a few things to say.

“Why have you got to be a hater? Why have you got to come on here and talk crap? Listen, after the talk that he did, of course you’re gonna go into a fight confident. I’m assuming you’ve never stepped into a competitive realm in your life. If you go into something, you can’t go in there expecting to lose. You go in there hoping to win. You do the work, and you have a positive mindset, you don’t walk around going oh god, this is gonna be really tough. I don’t know if I can do this. Because that means you’re already defeated.”

Bisping goes off

“Have a little look at yourself in the mirror. You shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that somebody got beaten, in a fight, where they put their life, body and health on the line for your entertainment.

“You should say fair play to Johnny Walker, we have to celebrate that. But you don’t kick a man while he’s f***ing down. So if you wanna go f*** off and unsubscribe. Take your $2 back, and stick it up your f***ing ass you prick.”

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