Michael Bisping calls for changes in refereeing following Roman Dolidze vs. Nassourdine Imavov fight: “For the fans’ sake”

By Harry Kettle - February 6, 2024

MMA analyst Michael Bisping has given his thoughts on the state of refereeing following the Roman Dolidze vs Nassourdine Imavov fight.

Nassourdine Imavov, Roman Dolidze and UFC Vegas 85

Last weekend, Nassourdine Imavov had his hand raised as he defeated Roman Dolidze in their middleweight main event. While many saw it as a clean and decisive win for Imavov, others couldn’t help but comment on how strange the contest was.

One issue was Imavov’s knee to Dolidze when he was a downed opponent, leading to a scuffle between him and Roman’s corner. Beyond that, there was also a great deal of ineffective clinching, largely initiated by Dolidze.

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During a review of the bout, the aforementioned Michael Bisping wanted to let the world know his point of view on what referees can do about this.

Bisping’s Imavov/Dolidze frustration

“Fights need to be broken up against the fence a lot more quickly, in my humble opinion, okay,” Bisping said. “There was a lot of time in that fight that Dolidze was pressuring him up against the fence, and just kind of holding him there. Herb Dean kept saying, ‘Hey, come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.’ I wanted to see them broken up far, far sooner. I don’t make the rules, but my humble opinion, it needs to be moved along, for the fans’ sake.”

“A lot of the time you’ll see two girls up against the fence,” Bisping said. “Neither one of them are the strongest wrestlers, they’re just battling for under-hooks, break that up, okay?”

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Do you agree with Michael Bisping when it comes to clinching? Did you enjoy the fight between Nassourdie Imavov and Roman Dolidze? What’s next for both men? Let us know your thoughts on this, BJPENN Nation!

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