Michael Bisping believes Francis Ngannou has mismanaged his post-UFC future: “If you’re not fighting you’re not making money”

By Josh Evanoff - April 6, 2023

UFC commentator Michael Bisping believes Francis Ngannou has mismanaged his UFC exit.

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‘The Predator’ left the MMA company in January as heavyweight champion. At the time, Ngannou stated that issues with Dana White and the UFC’s restrictive contracts forced the exit. As a result, the promotion later booked Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane for the vacant title.

‘Bones’ wound up winning the vacant title by submission last month, and is already targeting a return. Jones and the UFC are targeting his first title defense against Stipe Miocic in July, showing that business is back to usual. That sadly isn’t the case for Francis Ngannou.

The former UFC heavyweight champion is still stuck on the sidelines. While Ngannou has teased that he could sign with PFL and even box names such as Deontay Wilder, nothing is official as of now. Furthermore, BKFC’s David Feldman recently revealed that talks with the former titleholder went poorly due to unrealistic financial requests.

UFC commentator Michael Bisping discussed the former champion’s free agency in a video on his YouTube channel. There, ‘The Count’ opined that Ngannou’s management has miscalculated his recent moves. Bisping also stated that if the former champion had committed to sticking with the UFC or another move, he could’ve fought by now.

Michael Bisping

“It’s already been a year of inactivity and listen, granted, he had the knee injury so he’s got to let that heal. But all these offers supposedly from the boxers, Fury, Wilder, Joshua, they’re not happening, they’re not materializing. Just because someone says something on the microphone, doesn’t mean it will go down.” Michael Bisping stated on his YouTube channel. “…The PFL, they’re on the table. But honestly, I don’t think the PFL has the money that Francis is asking for.”

He continued, “With boxing, he reportedly wants $25 million. With the UFC he would have been getting a minimum of six million dollars per fight, and it was a three-fight contract. He could’ve had the three fights by now, bagged at least $18 million dollars, and be a free agent and off elsewhere. I’m not criticizing Francis Ngannou but I’m just wondering who’s advising him.”

“I like Francis, I’m a fan of his for sure, I love what he brings to the table… I love that, I want to see him get paid and make the most of it. But the problem is when you have people around you, advisors, your manager getting into your ear. Different types of managers, entertainment managers, fight managers, guys bringing you endorsement deals, they’ll all just talk, talk, talk. They’re all saying you should be paid more money, but ultimately if you’re not fighting, you’re not making money.”

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