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By Drake Riggs - November 19, 2018


Professional combat sports athlete, former Australian army officer in training, now reality TV star? UFC featherweight and former Invicta FC champion, Megan Anderson is just continuing to add to her resume.

Early in September, Australia’s Anderson went to Are, Sweden to star in the new reality challenge show, Heroes & Superstars as part of Team Green. The show features three different teams combined of nine of the world’s best video gamers and three extreme sports athletes (four people per team).

To earn points and establish themselves as the top team, the groups will go through several psychical challenges as well as team vs team battles playing the new mobile first-person-shooter, Heroes of Warland. The full list of competitors can be seen below along with what they’re famous for and where they’re from (via NitroGames):

• Jonathan ”Fatal1ty” Wendel (USA) – Quake
• Ivan ”BorasLegend” Lapanje (Sweden) – FIFA
• Ludvig ”Stormen” Storm (Sweden) – H1Z1
• Eloise (China) – Hearthstone
• Jonathan ”Loda” Berg (Sweden) – DotA 2
• Kevin ”UncleBrawks” Georges (France) – Call of Duty
• Ksenia ”Vilga” Klyuenkova (Russia) – CS GO
• Choi ”Locodoco” Yoon (USA/Korea) – League of Legends
• Dominik ”Black^” Reitmeier (Germany) – DotA 2
• Ryan Doyle (Great Britain) – Extreme parkour
• Chris ”Douggs” McDougall (Australia) – Skydiver
• Megan Anderson (Australia) – MMA

The former Invicta champion, Anderson made her UFC debut in June when she took on Holly Holm at UFC 225. Unfortunately for Anderson, Holm would get the better of the debutant as she walked away with the unanimous decision victory.

On December 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Anderson will be looking to rebound in dominant fashion at UFC 232 when she faces another staple of the bantamweight division in “Alpha” Cat Zingano.

Heroes & Superstars can be watched on YouTube as well as Twitch with new episodes releasing every Thursday. Heroes of Warland is also now available for download. The first episode can be seen below:

on 11/19/2018

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