UFC 231 Results: Max Holloway TKO’s Brian Ortega (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - December 8, 2018

Tonight’s UFC 231 event is headlined by a highly anticipated featherweight title fight featuring current champ Max Holloway taking on undefeated contender Brian Ortega.

Max Holloway, UFC 231

Max Holloway (19-3 MMA) has not competed since UFC 218 in December of 2017, when he defeated former division kingpin Jose Aldo for a second time by way of TKO.

Meanwhile, Brian Ortega will enter tonight’s UFC 231 main event sporting a perfect professional record of 14-0. “T-City” was last seen in action at March’s UFC 222 event, where he became the first fighter to finish former lightweight title holder Frankie Edgar.

Round one begins and Ortega starts things off with a jab. Holloway fires off a punch to the body. Ortega with a slapping low kick. Holloway lands a stiff jab. He comes forward and lands a right. Ortega attempts to counter but fails to connect. He lands a low kick. Holloway returns fire with a combination. He lands a nice counter right hand over the top as Ortega was coming in. Max with a nice right hand and then a straight left. He definitely appears to have a speed advantage on Ortega. Holloway rips the body with punch. Ortega just misses with a counter right hand. Max comes forward and lands another combination. Ortega just misses with an uppercut. Both men are throwing leather. Ortega comes forward and lands an elbow. Brian Ortega with a right hand and then he shoots in and scores a takedown. The Hawaiian immediately scrambles back to his feet. He lands a nice right hand. Ortega returns fire with one of his own. Max continues to pepper him with punches. Ortega is already wearing some damage. Ortega responds with a knee and then a head kick which partially lands. He pushes Max against the cage but cannot secure a takedown. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Max starts things off by landing a left hand. He follows that up with a nice jab and then a low kick. He lands another nice combination. Ortega needs to do something to get his respect. Brian misses with an uppercut and Holloway lands a right hand. Another nice right from Max Holloway. He looks amazing tonight. Brian Ortega is already busted up and bleeding. Holloway lands another beautiful combination. He has Ortega on his bicycle. “T-City” bravely leaps in with a right hand that misses. Holloway replies with a head kick that connects. Ortega eats that and lands a counter right hook. He is a bloody mess and Max Holloway tags him again. Ortega lands an uppercut and then a right. Max Holloway with another crisp jab. He continues to piece up Oretga on the feet. Brian continues to press the action but is eating counter right hands for his troubles. The fighters clinch and Ortega lands a nice right hand. He slips a punch from Max and lands a good left. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Max Holloway lands a low kick as Ortega attempts a punch. The crowd in Toronto chants “Holloway”. Ortega lands a right hand. Max Holloway replies with one of his own. Ortega with a nice left and then a right hand. He wobbles Max. Ortega shoots in and gets the takedown. Holloway immediately scrambles back to his feet. Ortega lands a spinning back elbow. Somehow Max ate that shot and remains on his feet. This is a fight now. Max Holloway with a hard low kick. He fires off a combination. Ortega lands a big uppercut. Holloway with a nice left. He lands a big right after Ortega spins and misses with a backfist. Brian pushes Max against the cage and looks to score a trip takedown. Max is doing a good job of avoiding. The fighters break and Max Holloway lands a big combination. Ortega fires back with another elbow from the pocket. The fighters stand in the pocket and trade punches. Ortega throw a high kick which is partially blocked. Holloway with some good punches but Brian Ortega is just absorbing them and walking him down. Once again he presses Max against the cage. The horn sounds to end round three.


Round four begins and Brian Ortega storms forward but eats a right hand. Max connects with a straight left. He is showboating now. Ortega steps into the pocket but eats a combination. Holloway responds with a right hand. Ortega digs with a right hand to the body. Max fires back with a combination. He has Ortega hurt and begins to pepper him with punches. Ortega fires off a right but Max is relentless. He continues to maul Ortega on the feet. “T-City” is somehow managing to survive. Holloway rocks him again and backs him up against the cage. Ortega reverses the position and begins working for a takedown. Ortega attempts to pull guard but cannot. Holloway continues to just slaughter him with punches. He attempts a guillotine choke but then opts to let it go and tells Ortega to meet him in the center of the cage. Brian shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Max Holloway with another big punch that stuns Ortega. Brian goes to the floor and Max refuses to follow him there. Ortega is back up and Holloway is all over him with punches. The horn sounds to end round four.

The doctors stop the fight in between rounds and this one is all over.

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