Max Holloway Calls Out McGregor For Saying He’s Still Featherweight Champ

By Justin Golightly - August 17, 2017

The UFC did everything they could to stop Max Holloway. People have fought less talent and received a title shot, but Holloway was never that lucky. Whether it was just the draw of the cards, or the UFC stalling to see how the featherweight division lives without Conor McGregor, they put opponent after opponent in front of the young Hawaiian until he took them all out. After a long journey to the very top of the challenge tower, it’s finally the Blessed Era. He has more victories on his record than former champ Jose Aldo has fights in the UFC. Now, since Conor McGregor opened his mouth on yesterday’s May/Mac conference call, Holloway would like to set one of his losses right.

Max Holloway, Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Max Holloway

Of course, everybody wants a red panty night, but few deserve it more than Max Holloway. McGregor still declares himself a two-weight world champion and Holloway just doesn’t feel the same way. He’s the 2015 champion, and a lot has changed, especially since their last fight which ended in a decision win for McGregor. With as much money as that tattooed Irish dude makes, you can’t believe him when he says he’s coming back to fight in the UFC before the end of this year.

Regardless, if he does come back, it will only be for the biggest of fights. Would the featherweight champ Max Holloway moving up to fight lightweight champ Conor McGregor be big enough? Or will McGregor treat Holloway like the Aldo fight and say one and done? One thing is for sure, win or lose, everyone’s eyes are still on McGregor. Especially the three divisions worth of fighters.

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