Mark Coleman issues first statement since being hospitalized

By Cole Shelton - March 15, 2024

UFC Hall of Famer and inaugural heavyweight champion Mark Coleman has issued his first statement since being hospitalized.

Mark Coleman

Coleman was airlifted to a hospital after saving his parents from a house fire. According to local news stations, Coleman went in to save his parents and got them out. ‘The Hammer’ later went back in for the family dog who unfortunately passed away. The house is believed to be a total loss as the fire reportedly started in the kitchen, but it’s uncertain how the fire started.

Now, a couple days later, Mark Coleman is now awake and spoke to his daughter who wrote out a statement from the UFC legend.

“Mark ‘The Hammer’ Coleman here. I want to first thank my higher power above. Without him, this isn’t possible,” Coleman said on his Instagram. “Next I want to thank each and every one of you for the prayers, support, and generosity. I always knew I had the best fans around. What you have done for me and my family is truly remarkable. I also want to thank the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who saved my life. I can’t wait to take you all along with me during my recovery journey. You are all now (part) of ‘Hammer’ house. I’m blessed and grateful my parents and I are walking out of this alive. I encourage you to do the things you want to do, better yourself, and cherish every moment. Tomorrow is not promised.

“Also, it breaks my heart to say this, but Rest in Peace to my special dog Hammer. If you followed me before all of this, you knew he was my sidekick and bestfriend. We spent every day together, and I will miss him so much. As always … sober is cool, carnivore diet, 9 ancestral tenets. ‘Hammer’ house is 4 life. Are you in now? Don’t ever count ‘The Hammer’ out. I love you all.”

Mark Coleman went 16-10 as a pro including going 7-5 in the UFC and 8-5 in Pride. He was the inaugural UFC heavyweight champion and holds notable wins over Dan Severn and Don Frye among others.

A GoFundMe for Mark Coleman has been started here.