Marcos Rogerio de Lima says he “can’t eat properly” following knockout loss to Derrick Lewis at UFC 291

By Harry Kettle - August 4, 2023

UFC heavyweight Marcos Rogerio de Lima has said he can’t eat properly following his knockout loss to Derrick Lewis.

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Last weekend at UFC 291, Derrick Lewis finished Marcos Rogerio de Lima in less than a minute. He opened with a brutal knee that dropped the Brazilian, and from there, it was academic.


Lewis added to his fantastic list of knockouts in the UFC, whereas de Lima was left to lick his wounds. As it turns out, though, the veteran may have a few more problems to deal with than we realized as his recovery continues.

“It’s one thing when you lose while fighting. The way it was, it was really painful. We do this thing where you feel out the other guy’s energy before you start fighting. I was feeling great. I felt like he was a little apprehensive. I started out like I always do. He rushed me and I thought he was going to throw a Superman punch. I raised my guard and he threw the knee. I was kind of out when I fell down. It was a hard blow and I couldn’t react.”

The de Lima struggle

“Now, there’s a lot of people sending me messages, e-mails. I’ve never received that many messages. I lost one fight and instead of supporting me, people from my country, my fans, are bothering me. I took a hard knee. My teeth are all loose. I can’t eat properly. It’s a hard moment. Let’s support our fighters and motivate them.”

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