Kron Gracie explains why one-round fights would “change the sport for the better” ahead of UFC 288

By Fernando Quiles - May 5, 2023

UFC 288 fighter Kron Gracie believes that the sport of MMA would benefit from having one-round fights as opposed to the current structure.

Kron Gracie

Fight fans have grown accustomed to seeing fights that last for three five-minute rounds or five five-minute rounds. In the Pride FC days, the first round would last 10 minutes, with the second and third rounds lasting five minutes each for Japanese events. If the bout was contested within a Grand Prix, that fight would have two rounds, with the first being scheduled for 10 minutes and the second lasting five minutes.

Kron Gracie Vouches For One-Round Fights

Appearing on‘s “Trocação Franca” podcast, Kron Gracie discussed why he feels one-round fights would help the sport of MMA.

“What I really think MMA needs is, instead of [more] rounds, is 15- or 25-minute rounds,” Gracie said. “I think that’s something that would change the result and bring more finishes on the feet and on the ground because when you have rounds, you have a break and time to think, your coach brings you water, and that changes the fight. It’s no longer a fight between you and the guy. I know it’s hard to have a fight with no time limit, but I think there should be no rounds. It should be a 15-minute fight, or a 25-minute fight. I think that would change the sport for the better. You would have more chances to fight and win with these rules.”

Gracie is set to collide with Charles Jourdain in a bout scheduled for three three-minute rounds at UFC 288 this Saturday night (May 6). The bout will air live on pay-per-view, as it’ll be UFC 288’s main card opener. Gracie hasn’t competed since September 2019, when he was defeated by Cub Swanson via unanimous decision. Gracie’s efforts earned him a “Fight of the Night” bonus. Time will tell if he will be impacted by the lack of activity in his clash with Jourdain.

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