Kevin Lee: Conor McGregor just got beat up by a man that’s 40 years old and coming off of retirement

By Russell Ess - September 28, 2017

Kevin Lee has the biggest fight of his career coming in just over a week as he will fight Tony Ferguson for the UFC interim lightweight title at UFC 216.

Kevin Lee Conor McGregor

While the two lightweights will battle for the interim title, Lee believes that this is the real lightweight title fight with Conor McGregor more of a business champ rather than a lightweight Ultimate Fighting Champion.

ufc 216 kevin lee tony ferguson

“It’s whatever you want to call it really,” Lee told Bloody Elbow. “To me, to most hardcore MMA fans, this is for the real championship. You got 1 guy with 1 fight in the division and calls himself champ. It just doesn’t make sense. Even the fact that he was allowed to do that, step up and fight, I get it. It was a huge event; it made a lot of money, but from a competitive standpoint, from a sporting standpoint, it didn’t make any sense. To have 1 guy with 1 fight call himself the champ, it just doesn’t make sense. You have Tony Ferguson who has double-digit fights in the UFC’s lightweight division, me too. So, it’s definitely for the real championship.”

Lee went on to address McGregor’s last fight, which was another huge financial success in his crossover to the sport of boxing against Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather

“As far as I’m concerned, Conor, he just got beat up by a man that’s 40 years old and coming off of retirement, and he got walked down. I thought he would be the one to change up his style, and show some new flavor, but it was Floyd. Floyd was changing up stances on him. Floyd was doing the most. Apparently, Conor’s all talk. I thought he could do more than what he said, so as far as I’m concerned, he’s got to show me more, and then I’ll maybe give him a shot at the real championship.”

Who are you picking to win the UFC 216 interim lightweight title fight between Kevin Lee and Tony Ferguson? Let’s get your prediction in the comment section!

on 9/28/2017.