Chael Sonnen rips Jon Jones after “Bones” accuses Dana White of lying about his demands

Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen has continued his ongoing war of words with former rival Jon Jones after the recent talks of a Francis Ngannou fight went south.

It’s not exactly a secret that Sonnen and Jones don’t really like each other, and while “Bones” was able to get the better of “The Bad Guy” when they fought for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, it doesn’t really feel like that’s the point.

Chael knows how to get under the skin of the division’s king, and he’ll continue to push his buttons for as long as he feels is necessary.

The case of Jon Jones reportedly hitting a speed bump in negotiations with Dana White has certainly divided fans within the mixed martial arts world. Everyone wants to see what would happen if Jones went toe to toe with Ngannou, but it’s clear to see that they’re quite some distance off of making it happen.

Pointing fingers and initiating the blame game never feels like the best of ideas, especially with someone like UFC president Dana White. However, if it gives Sonnen the ammo he needs to make some noise on social media, most fans are always going to be pretty receptive to that.

Sonnen is widely considered to be one of the most entertaining analysts in the sport today, following the same kind of trend that he set during his competitive days in the Octagon.

Jones, on the other hand, still has a loyal set of fans, but he’s still a controversial figure at the best of times. If he can focus on getting back in there and putting on an impressive show, perhaps more of his former supporters will come back to him.

Alas, for now, the politics of MMA negotiations are taking the top spot as the biggest story involving Jones.

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