Anthony Smith still backing Jon Jones in possible Francis Ngannou clash: “Would’ve left there without a mark on his face”

By Josh Evanoff - November 8, 2023

UFC light-heavyweight Anthony Smith is still backing Jon Jones if he ever faces Francis Ngannou.

Jon Jones, Anthony Smith

‘The Predator’ returned to action late last month in Saudi Arabia in the boxing ring against Tyson Fury. There, Francis Ngannou turned in a spirited effort, knocking down ‘The Gypsy King’ in round three. However, it wasn’t enough to earn a win, as the boxer instead scored a split-decision victory.

Still, the performance was impressive, and instantly sparked up debates about Jon Jones. Famously, Francis Ngannou walked out of the UFC earlier this year, to pursue the boxing match, and sign with the PFL. While his performance in the ring might’ve swayed many, it didn’t impact Anthony Smith.

‘Lionheart’ discussed the boxing match during a recent edition of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. There, Anthony Smith praised Francis Ngannou’s performance in the boxing ring. Still, he believes that Jon Jones would be able to defeat the former champion in the cage, and likely easily.


Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou

“No [I don’t think Francis Ngannou would beat Jon Jones], Jon is too dynamic”, Anthony Smith stated on The MMA Hour to Ariel Helwani earlier today. “It’s not about, can you outstrike Jon. It’s, can you not let Jon neutralize you, it’s not about the wrestling, it’s him neutralizing how good you are. He’ll go to where you’re best, and he will neutralize that.”

He continued, “He won’t necessarily beat you there, but he’ll just mill it. Then you just have to try and hope that you’re good enough everywhere else, he’s very unique. Yeah, I just don’t think it would’ve been exciting. I think it would’ve been a boring five-rounder, Jon would leave there without a mark on his face. But Francis probably would’ve too.”

What do you make of these comments from Anthony Smith? Do you agree?


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