Ariel Helwani responds to recent criticism from former UFC champion Jamahal Hill: “I am not going anywhere”

By Josh Evanoff - November 6, 2023

Longtime MMA journalist Ariel Helwani has responded to former UFC champion Jamahal Hill.

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Over the weekend, ‘Sweet Dreams’ put out a video slamming Ariel Helwani. The video itself took aim at the journalist’s recent interview with Chael Sonnen on The MMA Hour. ‘The Bad Guy’ got into it with him over Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou, as well as the pay-per-view numbers accompanying it.

While Ariel Helwani and Chael Sonnen appear to have put the dispute behind them, Jamahal Hill had thoughts on it. On his YouTube channel, the light-heavyweight champion took aim at the MMA journalist for disrespecting the longtime fighter. The former titleholder stated that had the two been in the same room, the conversation would’ve been much different.

Jamahal Hill’s comments were very similar to some that he had made in August. Now, on The MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani took time to respond to the former champion’s video. There, the longtime journalist stated that he’s still friends with Sonnen, and that ‘Sweet Dreams’ shouldn’t speak about things he doesn’t know about.



“Let me explain something to Jamahal, and everyone who has weighed in on this,” Ariel Helwani stated on The MMA Hour, responding to Jamahal Hill’s recent video. “Chael is my friend. Even though he said things about me, he’s still my friend, I texted him that in the middle of the show, and I said it to him on Thursday. He considers me a friend, and friends are able to talk to each other in a different kind of way. You don’t understand that, because he’s not your friend, and I’m not your friend.”

He continued, “You’re weighing in about something you don’t know s*it about… I’m not afraid of my friends. Have you ever heard me talk about a fighter like that? No, I don’t do that. I respond to people who lie about me, I respond to take shots, I respond to people who disrespect. Like you, you make up s*it about me. It’s tiresome, but I understand what you’re doing, you’re trying to build up your YouTube channel.”

“…Just like back in August, you swung, and you missed. That was my friend, we talked it out, and we cleared it up. Friends can talk to each other, and they can kiss and hug and makeup… I don’t wish it happened, I would rather it didn’t happen like that but that’s my relationship with Chael, dating back to ‘Ariel and the Bad Guy’. We have that kind of relationship… Our relationship isn’t going anywhere, this show isn’t going anywhere… We ain’t going anywhere, this guy right here, isn’t going anywhere.”

What do you make about these comments about Jamahal Hill? Do you agree with Ariel Helwani?


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