UFC Vegas 86 Results: Jack Hermansson defeats Joe Pyfer (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - February 10, 2024

We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC Vegas 86 results, including the main event between Joe Pyfer and Jack Hermansson.

Jack Hermansson

Pyfer (12-2 MMA) will enter his first career UFC main event sporting a five-fight win streak, his latest being a second-round submission victory over Abdul Razak Alhassan this past October. ‘Bodybagz’ has gone a perfect 3-0 since joining the promotion in July of 2022.

Meanwhile, Jack Hermansson (23-8 MMA) will be returning to action for the first time since suffering a TKO loss to Roman Dolidze 14 months ago in Orlando. ‘The Joker’ has gone 2-3 over his past five fights, earning wins over Edmen Shahbazyan and Chris Curtis during that stretch.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 86 main event begins and Joe Pyfer lands a hard low kick and then a left hook that appears to stun Hermansson. Pyfer stays patient and goes the body. A counter right by Hermansson with his back against the fence. Hermansson tries a Superman punch. A hard low kick by Pyfe. He follows that up with a big jab. Jabs exchanged in the middle. Pyfer cracks Hermansson with a long left hook. A 1-2 just misses. We go to round two.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 86 headliner begins and Joe Pyfer goes to the body with a right and then comes over the top with a left hook. He is throwing big punches here early. Jack Hermansson misses with a jab. Pyfer comes over the top with another right. ‘The Joker’ shoots for a takedown. He presses ‘Pyfer’ against the cage but is unable to get the fight to the floor. Joe eventually breaks free, and we are back to range. Pyfer with a left hand. Hermansson with a low kick. ‘Bodybagz’ responds with one of his own. Good jabs from both men in the pocket. Pyfer with a lead left. He goes upstairs with a high kick, but it is blocked. Joe Pyfer goes to the body with a pair of punches. Another exchange of jabs. Hermansson just misses with a right cross. 90 seconds remain in round two. Pyfer with a low kick. Hermansson continues to press forward. He lands a good low kick and then one to the body. Joe comes forward now with a flurry. Jack Hermansson blocked seemingly all of those punches and is now back on his lead foot. ‘The Joker’ with a nice right hand up the middle. He goes high with a kick and the horn sounds to end the round.

Round three of the UFC Vegas 86 main event begins and this fight is getting a lot more competitive. Jack Hermansson is doing a good job with his jab early. The fighters clinch and Hermansson lands a nice knee and right hand on the break. Joe Pyfer definitely appears to be slowing down. Another great jab from ‘The Joker’. He’s finding his groove here in round three. Pyfer with a right hand but then eats another big jab from Hermansson. Another huge jab from the veteran middleweight. Joe Pyfer is busted up now. He comes back on the attack but eats a counter right. One minute to go. Pyfer finally gets off a big punch and that appeared to stun the Swede. However, Hermansson fires right back and lands a good right hand of his own. Another stiff jab from ‘The Joker’. He finishes the third round by partially connecting with a jumping knee.

Round four of the UFC Vegas 86 headliner begins and Jack Hermansson lands a hard low kick that buckles the leg of Joe Pyfer. The American comes forward with a 1-2. ‘The Joker’ replies with a nice jab. Pyfer presses forward and lands to the body. He tries for a big right upstairs, but it misses the mark. Hermansson continues to chop away at the lead leg of Pyfer with calf kicks. Joe forces the clinch. Hermansson breaks free and lands a big right over the top. Pyfer shoots for a takedown, but he can’t get the fight to the floor. Jack circles off the fence and begins to work his jab. Pyfer with a leaping right hand over the top. Hermansson digs the body with an uppercut. ‘The Joker’ with a pair of hard jabs up the middle. He is seemingly landing those at will, as well as the inside low kick. Joe Pyfer with a good punch, but Hermansson just eats it and stuffs another takedown attempt. The horn sounds to end round four.

The fifth and final round begins and Jack Hermansson lands a good right. Joe Pyfer responds with a pair of left hands. This fight is likely 2-2, so whoever wins this round should get the victory. Hermansson backs up Pyfer and lands two hard jabs. He follows that up with a hard low kick to the lead leg of the American. ‘The Joker’ with a right hand. He follows that up with a left. Hermansson ducks a punch and then shoots in and scores a big takedown. He begins working from half guard position. Hermansson is doing a great job of staying busy here. The referee has no choice but to let this go. Pyfer eventually scrambles back to full guard with one minute remaining. Jack Hermansson just continues to punish ‘Bodybagz’ until the horn sounds to end the fight.

Official UFC Vegas 86 Results: Jack Hermansson def. Joe Pyfer by unanimous decision (48-47 x3)

Who would you like to see Jack Hermansson fight next following his victory over Joe Pyfer this evening in Sin City?


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