Joe Pyfer vents frustration after being discredited for breaking Francis Ngannou’s power punch record

By Harry Kettle - February 8, 2024

UFC middleweight Joe Pyfer has given his thoughts on being discredited for breaking Francis Ngannou’s punching power record.

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This weekend, Joe Pyfer faces the biggest test of his career thus far. He will battle Jack Hermansson in a main event showdown, with the expectation being that a win could really vault him up the ranks in the 185-pound division.

We’ve all seen that Pyfer is a big power puncher. He’s so good, in fact, that Joe Rogan recently revealed that he reportedly broke the record at the UFC Performance Institute on a machine designed to absorb impact and register just how much force was used. The previous record was held by Francis Ngannou.

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When asked about those who doubted the legitimacy of it during a recent interview, Joe had a few things to say.

Pyfer’s view

“This s—t pisses me off,” Pyfer said at UFC Vegas 86 media day. “I hit the f—king machine, the same machine, and I hit it with a 16-ounce glove. For all these nerds out there that don’t understand science: I hit it with a 16-ounce glove. That means I didn’t even get to hit it as hard as I could because I had a big pad. So, I broke the record with a big glove, I broke it four or five times. I broke it in front of the operations guy, there was a Heavyweight from Brazil that was hitting it, couldn’t even come close to it. His coach hit it, couldn’t come close to it. Brendan Allen’s coach hit it, didn’t come close to it, and they didn’t want to give it to me officially.

“I don’t know why,” he continued. “Then everybody makes this narrative about f—king talking about oiling up Dana [White’s] ass and s—t, and that it’s like Dana White trying to take out Ngannou. Bro, I got nothing but respect for anybody that’s ever stepped in this cage, that has ever done something to change their life.

“We’ve all come from struggles to be someone then I get discredited because I hit harder,” Pyfer concluded. “S—t pisses me off, bro. F—k those nerds, whoever told me that I didn’t get that f—king score. I’ll do it again and just to say this, I had a torn rotator cuff when I hit it. Then I had to stop because I hurt myself. F—k those nerds.”

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