Jessica Eye fires back at Joanne Calderwood following criticism of UFC on ESPN 10 weight miss

Jessica Eye
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Former UFC women’s flyweight title challenger Jessica Eye (15-7 MMA) has had a rough time making weight as of late.

‘Evil Eye’ missed weight for her event headlining bout with Cynthia Calvillo earlier today in Las Vegas. It marked the second time in as many fights that Jessica has failed to make the non-title fight flyweight limit of 126lbs.

Following her second consecutive weight miss, Jessica Eye received a jab on Twitter from fellow perennial division contender Joanne Calderwood.

Calderwood then questioned Eye’s official weight, this since she was allegedly 4lbs over the limit just 15 minutes prior to weighing in and perhaps used a towel trick on the scale.

“Was it really .25 because I’ve heard from multiple people that you were 4lbs over 15 minutes before actually weighed in. Main event spot or not, if you know your not gonna make it, don’t take the fight. Ban the towel trick.”

Those comments clearly did not sit well with Jessica Eye, who promptly fired back at Joanne Calderwood.

“Sorry Jo Jo. You want to fuel these people. I would wish you all the best but not I can your just instigator.”

Calderwood then responded by explaining that she was ready to take a short-notice fight at the event, while making weight, so today’s news came as a disappointment.

“I was ready to make weight at the start of this week.. I’m staying ready but not earning right now so this was tough for me to see.. But also I just better for the spot and I don’t like that they are still not making us put our hands above the hoop. Good luck for tomorrow.”

Despite Calderwood’s explanation, Jessica Eye continued to go off on the Scottish standout.

“Joanne Calderwood your comical Jo Jo, you play this sweet, incident person (assume she meant innocent). You are as fake as the act you put on. Make sure to don’t play nice when see me at UFC Performance Institute. If you don’t want to take a fight in the Octagon because you scare let set up gym fight. Your gym right by my house.”

The back and forth continued:

“It’s called being civil in a professional environment. UFC Performance Institute ain’t nothing. I’d say to your face.. Just like when you made comment on my cardio on one of my fights and when you first got to the PI I sked you in the locker room… Are you here for the great cardio?”

“Crazy how you went the internet to ty to recruit people. Crazy because you could have had this conversation with me private but you prove to show how fake you are with this sweet girl attitude. Thanks for reminding me who you really are for a second. I kinda thought you were.”

Joanna Calderwood finished with this response.

“I ain’t paying attention to that and to be honest I’m sure you are getting heat but I haven’t seen any of it.. I just wanted to get my piece in about the hoop and what I heard.. It’s been happening for too long now it is time for a change. Sorry if you are offended by my tweet.”

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This article first appeared on on June 12, 2020



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