Jim Miller reflects on lengthy career ahead of UFC 300 return: “I’ve done it the right way”

By Josh Evanoff - February 29, 2024

UFC lightweight contender Jim Miller has no regrets about the career that he’s had.

Jim Miller

The man to fans as ‘A-10’ is fast approaching his 41st birthday. Few expected, including Jim Miller himself, for the lightweight to still be fighting today. Given that his professional debut took place in 2005, it’s a miracle that he’s still active. However, Miller is doing more than just fighting in pointless contests.

As of now, Jim Miller is just two months away from his return at UFC 300. The longtime lightweight contender is one of the key matchups on the card, against Bobby Green. Miller famously competed on UFC 100 and UFC 200 as well. He defeated Mac Danzig, and Takanori Gomi, respectively, at the milestone events.

To enter UFC 300, Jim Miller has won five of his last six appearances in the cage. The fight with ‘King’ will be his first crack at a top-15 fighter in years. Speaking with Brendan Fitzgerald in an interview recently uploaded to the UFC Fight Pass YouTube channel, Miller reflected on his lengthy career to date.

There, the longtime lightweight contender admitted that he wouldn’t do anything differently. Given the appreciation he gets from fans and his peers, Jim Miller feels that he’s handled his career the right way. To still be fighting in 2024 given his fight with Lyme disease is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and he’s aware of that.


Jim Miller opens up on lengthy MMA career ahead of UFC 300 return

“I appreciate that [fighter admire me]. I think if everyone really thought it, that’s what they really want. Respect from your peers right?” Jim Miller stated on a recent edition of the Fitz Chats Podcast. “Like if you’re a brain surgeon, you want other brain surgeons to think you’re good. Not just ‘Joe Schmo’. To have that respect from my peers [is incredible]… It’s awesome.”

He continued, “It’s awesome to have left a mark on the sport thus far. Hopefully, the mark that I leave is bigger, but I know that it’s been the right way. I know that it’s for the right reasons. That makes me proud and that makes me happy. Sometimes it’s like, yeah, these guys are throwing punches at each other. Like Dana [White] says, he doesn’t care about words that get said between one another and I 100% agree with that.”

“..But, people are watching. Kids are watching. My kids see everything I do.” Jim Miller concluded. “…They see it, and they see me do interviews, all this stuff. For them, and for all the other kids that are watching, I feel like there’s a weight on my shoulders. To carry myself in a certain way.”

What do you make of these comments from Jim Miller? Do you think he’ll defeat Bobby Green at the historic UFC 300 event in April?