Jim Miller fires back at Daniel Cormier over UFC Hall of Fame comments

By Susan Cox - January 18, 2024

Jim Miller is firing back at Daniel Cormier over his recent remarks regarding his credentials for the UFC Hall of Fame.

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It was Cormier, speaking on his ‘DC & RC’ show who reflected on Miller’s wins and while agreeing his longevity is impressive, he doesn’t believe he’s worthy of Hall of Fame status:

“I still don’t know. I just don’t know when – we talked about this last year. All those records, look, I believe him being in the octagon 45 times, or 43 times, is going to stand the test of time. I don’t know that, as we go forward, there will be anyone that can compete at that level for as long as Jim Miller competes at that level. The wins, though, I do believe at a point will be topped.”

Continuing, Cormier said:

“If you put people in the Hall of Fame based on those records and then they get topped, then what are they in the Hall of Fame for? Remember Cal Ripken, he played more games than anybody. He was called the ironman of baseball, and he wouldn’t miss games. They wouldn’t just put him in the Hall of Fame for being an ironman. He had to have the stats that also match. Jim Miller has won a lot of fights, but think about this: He has the most wins in UFC history with 26, he’s fought 43 times, he’s lost (16) times in the UFC.”

Jim Miller (37-17 MMA) most recently fought and defeated Gabriel Benitez (23-10 MMA) by submission earlier this month (see that here).

The UFC commentator shared:

“I still don’t know that the win last weekend changes much. One of the guys who I trained with for a long time, Moggly Benitez is who he beat… If you lost two or three fights in a row, they (UFC) had the right to cut you. He’s lost four in a row. How often do you see someone lose four fights in a row and not get cut?”

Concluding, Cormier advised while ‘A-10’ has had a great career, he’s just not at Hall of Fame status:

“He was kind of riding that border, riding that fine line. I do respect the hell out of everything Jim Miller has done, but I still don’t think that it’s a Hall of Fame career just because he truly never reached – as much as people want to talk about ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone being in the Hall of Fame, he fought for the title.”

Well, Miller is now preparing for his upcoming lightweight bout with Bobby Green (31-15 MMA) which will take place at the historic UFC 300 on Saturday, April 13th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Jim Miller, speaking on ‘UFC Unfiltered’ and refuting Daniel Cormier’s claims advised:

“DC had 15 UFC fights and in his 15 UFC fights – granted he ended up getting the UFC title and stuff like that and double champ. In my first 15 fights we had the same exact record 11-3 and one no contest.”

Continuing the 40-year-old said (h/t MMAJunkie):

“Here I am nearing the end of my third Daniel Cormier career, and my record is almost the same as my first. And in that time, every win that I’ve got is a finish. I’m still here, I’m still performing, I’m still a dangerous guy tripling the champ-champ, tripling his time in the octagon.”

Do you believe Jim Miller is UFC Hall of Fame worthy? Do you think he can extend his winning streak to 3 in a row when he meets Bobby Green at UFC 300?

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