Jamahal Hill vows to stand-and-trade with Alex Pereira: “I do not plan on taking him down”

By Cole Shelton - November 15, 2023

Jamahal Hill says he wants to stand-and-trade with Alex Pereira.

Jamahal Hill and Alex Pereira

Pereira became the light heavyweight champion with a second-round knockout win over Jiri Prochazka at UFC 295. He won the title after Hill vacated the belt due to tearing his Achilles, and wanted the division to move on.

Now, after Alex Pereira became the new champ and Jamahal Hill is getting closer to returning, he believes that is the next fight for both of them. If the fight does happen, many expect Hill to try and wrestle Pereira, but the former champ says that won’t be his game plan at all. Instead, Hill vows to stand with Pereira as he believes he can find the knockout.

“I have to put a severe ass whooping on him just for the simple fact, the disrespect of how y’all are coming at me. Like bro, mark my words when I say this, I do not plan on taking him down, I do not plan on wrestling him,” Jamahal Hill said on his YouTube channel. “I plan on going in there and where y’all think, he’s just this otherworldy guy because he did kickboxing and I didn’t do kickboxing. This is a completely different sport. Kickboxing is kickboxing, MMA is MMA. I’ve been doing MMA for years. I’ve been bred in MMA, and whenever I do fight him, standing, I will knock him out.

“When I do, I’m going to rub it in every single one of y’all’s faces. I won’t rub it in Alex’s face, because Alex is a friend, but every single one of y’all that has talked, disrespected, straight up,” Hill continued. “It’s really crazy to me. Regardless of anything, I’m better at my job. I am certified as one of the top, we’ll say 15 in the world in my job in my weight class. As far as my credentials and in my lane, I’m one of the top one or two in the world. I’m truly the best. That’s why I say I’m the king ’cause I know I’m the best in this weight division.”

If Jamahal Hill does stand-and-trade with Alex Pereira it would add to the excitement of the potential fight. But, Hill is confident he is the better striker and will silence the doubters by knocking the Brazilian out.


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