Israel Adesanya says he’d “love to headline” UFC 300: “That’s one I’m going to be a part of”

By Cole Shelton - September 6, 2023

Israel Adesanya is hoping he will get the chance to headline UFC 300.

Israel Adesanya

UFC 300 is expected to happen in March or April of next year and will likely be one of the biggest events in the promotion’s history. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see multiple title fights on the card, while the headliner would be uncertain, it could be Conor McGregor or Jon Jones (if they choose to fight again), but Adesanya says he wants to be the main attraction for the marquee event.

“Most likely. I’d love to headline that. But we’ll see. Defintely. I’ve watched UFC 100, that was Brock Lesnar versus Frank Mir. UFC 200, that was Miesha-Tate, there was a big fight. Either way, I’ve been a fan of the sport for a long time. UFC 300, I’m going to touch that, because I know I’m not going to hit UFC 400,” Israel Adesanya said at UFC 293 media day.

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“I’m definitely going to hit UFC 300. That’s one I’m going to be a part of. Alex Volkanovski as well should be part of it. I’ll co-headline for Alex Volkanovski. That’s my dog. If he doesn’t fight, then I’ll headline it. I’m sure there’s other people, as well, Conor will probably try and jump in there because he’s a superstar and he just gets whatever he wants. Yeah, we’ll see, we’ll see,” Adesanya continued.

As of right now, the UFC has yet to announce any plans for UFC 300, but it’s likely most fighters will want to be on that lineup. Whether or not the promotion will get Israel Adesanya on the card is uncertain, but the timing would make sense for him to return in March or April after fighting this weekend in September.

Israel Adesanya has currently headlined 10 pay-per-views and a Fight Night card, so he is no stranger to being the main event.

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