Ian Machado Garry unloads on “idiot” Rampage Jackson for suggesting he was “afraid” to come on his podcast

By Harry Kettle - February 8, 2024

UFC star Ian Machado Garry has hit back at Rampage Jackson for suggesting he was afraid to come on his podcast.

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Over the course of the last few months, Ian Machado Garry has made a lot of enemies. While he’s still a massive prospect in the welterweight division, there are far more questions than answers when it comes to his future in the cage. Now, as he prepares to meet Geoff Neal at UFC 298 next weekend, he has another problem to deal with.

That problem is Rampage Jackson. The MMA veteran recently suggested that Machado Garry turned down a podcast appearance with him for fear of being laughed at.

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Now, the Irishman has come out and responded.


Machado Garry hits back at Rampage

“He spoke about how I turned down his podcast because I was afraid of being made fun of. I’ve got the c*** on Monday,” Garry said. “In four days, I’m on his podcast, and he calls me a cuck…you’re believing absolute bollocks and lies on other podcasts. Imagine running a podcast and not knowing who your next guest was! Imagine being that f***ing stupid, and then going on [The MMA Hour], and speaking about it.

“But I’ll tell you one thing, you’re definitely not having me on now because you were an idiot talking mad s***. Good luck, take care, I wish you nothing but f*** all!”

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Whether you love him or you hate him, nobody can deny that Machado Garry has had everyone talking as of late.

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