Ian Machado Garry believes he’s become “too much of a star” to headline a potential UFC Dublin card

By Cole Shelton - February 15, 2024

Ian Machado Garry has said he will bring the UFC back to Ireland, but ahead of his fight at UFC 298, he isn’t sure that will happen.

Ian Machado Garry

The last time the UFC was in Ireland was when Conor McGregor headlined the card against Diego Brandao in 2014. Since then, the promotion hasn’t returned as the arena in Dublin is small and only holds around 10,000 fans which is smaller than what the UFC is used to for attendance.

With that, Ian Machado Garry believes should he beat Geoff Neal the way he expects to, the Irishman thinks he’ll become too big of a star to get the UFC to return to Ireland.

“I god damn hope so man, I hope, I’ve been saying it, I’ve been talking about it. I just, I fear that I’m going to get too big, too quick and they’re never going to go back. The truth is, I go out right now and bury Geoff Neal into the ground on Saturday night, is that already past it? Is Ian Garry too much of a star at that point to go back? I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I’ve told Dana, I’ve told Hunter, I’ve told everybody I want to be the guy that brings the UFC back to Ireland. I feel like I’ve earned it, I feel like I’ve deserved it. Maybe we will just have to do one or two more,” Ian Machado Garry said at UFC 298 media day.

Ian Machado Garry could have a point that perhaps the UFC doesn’t want him to headline an event in Ireland due to the arena capacity. But, the hope for Garry is the UFC will return to Ireland, despite the concerns over the arena size and he can headline the event in a title eliminator bout later this year.

But, before any of that can happen, Garry will need to beat Geoff Neal on Saturday night at UFC 298 which is the toughest test of his career. Although it’s a top-10 opponent for the Irishman, he remains a sizeable betting favorite as the oddsmakers expect him to get his hand raised on Saturday night.

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