Google Offering BJJ Classes To Employees

By BJPENN.COM News - August 5, 2014

BJJ is for everyone, and Google is proving that by offering BJJ classes to all of their employees. The classes are taught by Milton Bastos, a highly accomplished BJJ black belt, who has been teaching there since he responded to Google’s Facebook post that they were looking for BJJ instructors.

He spoke with Fightland about the position:

It is common. Especially here in Northern California, everybody’s from a tech company. Most of the people, they work in some tech place like Apple, Google, Facebook, YouTube.

However not everyone is a beginner according to Bastos:

They have black belts, brown belts, purple belts, all ranks over there. And beginners, too.

Bastos’ class is growing at such an overwhelming rate, in just his second class, the employees maxed out the slots in the class, something that is encouraging to Bastos.

Actually, there is a plan to do something like that (In house tournaments). They say Facebook has a team, too, and the guys who train there, they’ve competed before. So they’re probably going to want us to do something like that. Maybe like a Google against Facebook.

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