Oscar De La Hoya planning return to MMA, bashes Dana White

By Natasha Hooper - October 3, 2019

Oscar De La Hoya recently sat down with the Barstool Radio team to discuss his big plans for a return to the MMA business, and his ongoing beef with UFC President Dana White.

Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White, Canelo Alvarez

The former world champion boxer De La Hoya launched Golden Boy Promotions in 2002, and after many years of promoting boxing, expanded into the MMA industry in 2018. Golden Boy’s first and only MMA card thus far was headlined by a trilogy fight between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, which the latter won by knockout.

White was not impressed with this new MMA venture and bashed De La Hoya, calling him a “coke head” and “Oscar De La weirdo” among other things. The UFC boss also believed the fight was a bad move for Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, particularly Liddell.

Despite feuding with Dana White in the past, and initially supporting Golden Boy MMA, Tito Ortiz ultimately agreed with White that Golden Boy should not be promoting MMA.

However, Oscar De La Hoya isn’t letting the judgement phase him. He revealed during the Barstool interview that he is not done in the MMA industry. He also had some harsh words for White.

“He’s what we call a bully. He is one of those guys that has to bully you to get his own way,” he said. “Why do you think a lot of these fighters are not happy with their contracts, how they get treated?

“I am getting into MMA and I am working on something very exciting and I am sure I am going to get a lot of heat from Dana White, but it creates opportunities,” De La Hoya added. “You have Bellator. You have the UFC who want to monopolize the whole industry with Dana White being the cheerleader. But there is always room for another player. Why not.”

When asked if he would fight Dana White, Oscar de La Hoya laughed and responded:

“Oh I would be the sh*t out of him. Come on man, are you kidding me? (But) not in the Octagon, he’ll beat the crap out of me. But in the ring? Come on.”

What do you think Oscar De La Hoya is planning?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 10/2/2019. 


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