Frank Mir opens up on how he and Brock Lesnar were drastically underpaid for their fight at UFC 100

By Susan Cox - April 4, 2024

Frank Mir is opening up about how he and Brock Lesnar were drastically underpaid for their fight at UFC 100.

Brock Lesnar, Frank Mir

UFC 100 took place on Saturday, July 11th, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The main event featured the then current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar (5-3 MMA) defending his title against Frank Mir (18-11 MMA).  The result was a TKO victory for Lesnar.

Lesnar and Mir had met once before, at UFC 81 in February of 2008, where it was Mir defeating ‘The Beast’ by submission.

The historic UFC 100 event sold 1.6 million pay-per-views, which was record setting at the time.

The promotion likely earned around $35 or $36 million for the event. However, the salaries, which were shared publicly at the time, showed Mir making a mere $45k for his loss, and Lesnar earning $400K for the win.

Speaking with ‘MMA Fighting‘, Frank Mir shared:

“I think when it finally dawned on me was the Deontay Wilder (rematch) with Tyson Fury. We still did more buys than they did, me and Brock, and then I’m looking at the pay-per-view cost. OK, the money was there. Who did it go to?”

Concluding, Mir said:

“Seeing these guys make $40 million combined. I’m like wow. Brock obviously made seven figures off it, I think he made $2.5 million. But I didn’t even make a million.”

Well, it’s not all about the money, or is it?? And where did the money go?

The Fury vs. Wilder rematch in 2020, which Frank Mir was referring to, reportedly sold between 800K and 850K buys, likely earning somewhere around $66 million. Fury and Wilder were both guaranteed to make more than $25 million, plus a share of the pay-per-view profits.

A lot has changed since 2009 and purses have definitely risen for some fighters within the UFC.

Do you agree with Frank Mir that he and Brock Lesnar were drastically underpaid at UFC 100?

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