Dana White gives his opinion on his next star that doesn’t need trash talk to promote fights

By Russell Ess - October 17, 2017

With Conor McGregor being the big draw in the UFC, many fighters are looking to follow his blueprint for success in being a killer on the mic and backing it up in the Octagon.

Dana White

However, not all fighters are programmed that way or may have a hard time connecting with an English speaking audience as fighters come from all over the world.

Recently on The TSN MMA Show, UFC President Dana White was a guest and was asked who he thinks can be one of the next big stars in the sport. White was recently asked the same thing and threw out UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt’s name out there. This time, White had another name that he thinks has the “it” factor and could be headed to the top of the fight game.

Francis Ngannou

“I like Francis Ngannou,” said White. “I think Francis Ngannou could be the next big thing, literally and figuratively.”

White was then asked if he thinks the language barrier could be an issue with Ngannou’s native tongue being French.

“Listen, when you’re a badass, language has nothing to do with it man. It’s all about how you – look at Anderson Silva.”

Georges St-Pierre’s name was also mentioned and White agreed.

“The list goes on and on,” said White. “It’s about your performances. Listen, we think about the talking because Conor is so good. Conor is a great fighter and every time he opens his mouth it’s hilarious, you know? You find those guys once in a blue moon.”

Who do you think is the next fighter headed for superstardom? Let’s get some names in the comment section!

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on 10/17/2017.


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