Dana White gives prediction on who his next bankable UFC star will be

By Russell Ess - October 9, 2017

With Ronda Rousey’s future in the UFC unclear and Jon Jones going through the process with his potential anti-doping violation, it seems Conor McGregor stands alone at the top as far as draws go for the UFC. Georges St-Pierre is certainly a big star but his future is undetermined as we will have to see if his own plans and abilities are set for a lengthy return.

Dana White

So who will be the next in the UFC roster that will bring in the audiences like Jones, Rousey, and McGregor? Dana White was asked that recently on The Dan Le Batard Show and the UFC President gave his opinion.

Cody Garbrandt, TJ Dillashaw

“Our most bankable (future) star?” White questioned (transcribed by Alexander K. Lee for MMA Fighting) “November 4 at Madison Square Garden, this kid who’s the world champion, he’s gonna fight. His name is Cody No Love. Very marketable guy. I think Cody No Love could be the next big star.”

White also commented on Jones and where he could have been in terms of success and legacy if he had not gotten himself into so much trouble throughout his career after becoming the youngest champion in UFC history.

Jon Jones

“He’d also go down in history as probably the greatest ever and if nothing ever happened he’d probably be fighting at heavyweight right now and who knows what could have happened?” White stated. “I’m in a business where when the fame happens and the money – you have to understand the crazy type of money that comes into the fight business instantly. Even in the NFL, they come in at a certain level and if they become great, they have the opportunity to make millions.

“Jon Jones came in and just started making millions of dollars immediately and he was, like, 24 years old. And you can go back to interviews of me saying, ‘That’s great, he’s talented enough to win the belt. Can he handle the pressure and all the stuff that goes along with being a world champion? With being famous? With being rich?’ And that question got answered.”

Who do you think will be the UFC’s next big star? Let’s get your pick in the comment section!

on 10/9/2017.

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