Vinc Pichel plans to get a “highlight-reel knockout” against Jim Miller at UFC 252

Vinc Pichel
Image Credit: Vinc Pichel's Instagram (photographer not listed)

Vinc Pichel has wanted to fight Jim Miller for many years now and on the UFC 252 prelims, he finally gets his wish.

Pichel had been talking to the UFC for quite some time to get a fight booked. Then out of the blue, he got a call saying Jim Miller on just a week and a half notice.

“The day it got announced is when I got offered the fight,” Pichel said to “It was super short notice, I told them I want to fight, I don’t care who it is. I told my manager just get me a fight and tell me who it is and when it is later.”

When Pichel found out the opponent would be Miller, he was immediately excited. He knows this is a big fight for him and believes it’s a win-win.

“I’ve been trying to fight Jim Miller for a long time and he has been pretending he doesn’t see my tweets. It is a good fight for me, he has a name but I’m surprised he took it,” he explained. “I don’t think he gains much if he beats me and for him, if he loses he lost a lot but if he wins it’s like he beat a guy he was supposed to beat. It is a win-win for me.”

Entering the fight, Vinc Pichel is a small favorite which he is surprised about. He figured Miller would be the favorite given his name value and the fact he hasn’t fought in over a year.

Yet, Vinc Pichel is confident he will get his hand raised and do so by highlight-reel knockout.

“Everyone is like f**k it is an old man fight haha. He has an advantage on the ground. There is no way I can deny that he is the better grappler,” Pichel said. “But, I have a bigger advantage striking than he does grappling. So, I think it is a good fight but it is that classic striker vs. grappler. Jim Miller will stand and bang with people and I hope he does that with me. But, I think once I hit him he will go for a takedown.

Once he feels my power and strength and he realizes he won’t be able to take me down,” he continued. “Once he realizes that, I hope he makes a mistake and I get a highlight-reel knockout.”

If he does get his hand raised Vinc Pichel is looking to fight again in 2020 and hopes a ranked opponent is next.

“Right where I should have been last year. I’ve had a lot of injuries that have slowed me down and I’m hoping a win over Miller propels me up,” Pichel concluded. “Hopefully, it just gets me some bigger ranked fights and puts me in the contender position.”

Who do you think will win, Vinc Pichel or Jim Miller?

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