Vinc Pichel shares wild street fight stories of getting stabbed, shot at and being in rumbles

Vinc Pichel
Image Credit: Vinc Pichel's Instagram (photographer not listed)

Vinc Pichel believes he is a good MMA fighter because of his childhood street fights.

Pichel was born in California and knows he is lucky MMA and the UFC turned out to be a massive sport. “From Hell” grew up fighting and believes if it wasn’t for fighting he would most likely be in jail or on the streets selling drugs.

“I’ve been fighting my entire life. I grew up fighting in the streets with no refs. I’ve been stabbed, had people shoot at me,” Pichel said to “Pool cues, tables, chairs, you name it I’ve been hit by. I have been in a lot of fights, maybe that is why I am so good at fighting. I am used to the chaos.”

When asked for his wildest street fight story, Pichel had to think about it. He says he has been in a ton where guns and knives were brought out. But, he says one of the craziest ones happened to be a rumble at a church.

“I’ve been in rumbles, I’ve been in some crazy s**t. I was never the kind of guy who would one-on-one somebody, instead, I’d go after three or four people. I’ll tell you this story. I believe it was the fourth of July party and when I was younger I was a skater punk and we used to fight the jocks because they were our enemies,” Pichel explained. “We were at this party and it was actually next to a church. Some s**t goes down between my friend and another guy and the fight actually took place at the church.

“All of a sudden, I mean there are probably 50-60 people at this party. We all go to the church and it’s a brawl and I’m like f**k this, I used to have this hockey stick and my buddy has a video of me going threw the crowd. All you see is people fall like dominoes because I was hacking people’s legs,” he continued. “That is the kind of guy I was. I was a violent little asshole who didn’t give a f**k. If I was able to cause pain to someone I was in my happy place.”

Following that, Pichel kept on fighting and one day stuck up for his friend who was getting picked on by two guys. There, Vinc Pichel said he knocked out one guy and was fighting the other when cops were called and it was broken up.

After that, Vinc Pichel’s friend told him he knocked out a guy that was a black belt in Taekwondo. They then convinced him to give MMA a shot. So, he went to a gym and got beat up but decided to stick with it and made it a full-time career.

“I was lucky MMA turned into the sport it did because I would probably be in prison or selling drugs or some stupid shit like that. Fighting turned my life around,” Vinc Pichel said. “There is one guy who actually got me into fighting as I was with some friends and my girlfriend. One of my friends was Josh who was smaller, I had no fighting experience beside my street fighting. So, I noticed these two guys were picking on Josh who was half their size. I went over there and one of them was like mind your fucking business.

“So, I’m like f**k that, I dropped that guy after punching him in the face. His friend started talking s**t, so I fought him and I’m outside and the cops are now talking to me after they got called. I yelled at them that I’ll f**k both of them up,” Pichel concluded. “I was at my girlfriend’s house and apparently one of the dudes I knocked out was a black belt in Taekwondo. So, my friend told me to go to the gym to see how tough I was. I went to a gym and got my assed kicked and loved it. I ended up sticking with it and now here I am.”

What do you make of Vinc Pichel’s street fight stories?

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