Randy Costa ecstatic for “fun” fight against Adrian Yanez, expects to “open a lot of people’s eyes”

Randy Costa
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Randy Costa and Adrian Yanez have one of the weirder fight bookings in recent memory.

After Yanez picked up his second UFC win, many on MMA Twitter called for him to face Costa. After the Massachusetts native didn’t respond to fans asking if he’d take the fight, some said he was scared. However, “Zohan” quickly responded saying he’s not scared and he likes Adrian but took a shot at Dr. Pepper which is Yanez’s drink of choice. The Texan dumped on Reese’s which Costa likes and the fight was born.

“It’s probably the craziest I’ve seen. Dude, it’s just so cool that we have two very exciting prospects in people’s eyes and neither of us are talking s**t in any way,” Costa said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “This fight was built on 100 percent positivity. It’s just so f*****g cool to see that people are so excited for a fistfight that was put together on almost complimenting each other. It’s just really f*****g cool. And, I know we are going to deliver, Adrian’s a tough kid and he’s super exciting to watch. We know what we are going in there to do and I’m excited to get in there because it’s going to be so fun. I can’t f*****g wait.”

Entering the fight, many are expecting this to be a standup battle. If that is the case, some have said Yanez is the better boxer but Costa is the better kicker. Yet, for Randy Costa, he doesn’t believe that to be true and says they are both well-rounded which makes this fight so exciting.

“I don’t think one is a better puncher and one is a better kickboxer. I think we are both high-level fighters and I think the fans are in for a good fight,” Costa said. “I’m not going to come on here and say, Adrian f*****g sucks, he’s beat bums and I’m going to knock him out. Maybe I’ll knock him out, but I’m not going to rag on the guy. I have to respect him. He’s f*****g killing it and I’m excited to get in there and share the cage with him.”

Although Costa is ecstatic for the fight, he knows beating Yanez is easier said than done. He’s expecting a tough fight but he believes once the event is over, he will have opened a lot of people’s eyes that he’s a future top contender at 135lbs.

“I think I’m going to open a lot of people’s eyes on the 24th,” Costa said. “This fight is f*****g awesome. Adrian’s really good, Adrian can put your lights out. He’s tricky and hard to get a read on, really good movement, good counter punches, good punches. He uses his range very well. But, again, you can say a lot of those same things about me. This is a very exciting fight.”

If Randy Costa does get his hand raised at UFC Vegas 32 on Saturday the goal is to be active and have a quick turnaround. Yet, he also knows he may be forced to wait for a ranked opponent if that is the UFC’s plan.

However, even if he ends up losing, Costa says he doesn’t think his stock will drop a lot as he still is so young in the sport.

“If either of us gets a finish it warrants us to a least have a conversation of facing the guys like the 13th, 14th, 15th ranked guys. A win over Adrian opens a lot of doors… If either of us gets a finish, we will become household names in the UFC and start getting a real push. Man, a win for either of us opens a lot of doors. I think the loser still has a lot of doors opening up,” Costa concluded.

Who do you think will win, Randy Costa or Adrian Yanez?

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