Luke Rockhold reacts to footage of Mike Perry picking his nose and wiping it on his sweater: “If I noticed it I would have slapped the s**t out of him”

By Cole Shelton - April 27, 2023

Luke Rockhold didn’t notice Mike Perry pick his nose and wipe it on him at their faceoff, but had he there would have been problems.

Mike Perry, Luke Rockhold

Rockhold and Perry had a press conference to promote their BKFC 41 main event and the two went back and forth throughout the press conference. Then, as the two did a faceoff, Perry picked his nose and wiped it on Rockhold’s sweater as he wasn’t paying attention.

According to Luke Rockhold, he says he didn’t notice it but had he, he would have slapped Mike Perry. But, Rockhold also believes Perry faked it and didn’t do it for real.

“I mean if I noticed it I would have slapped the s**t out of him,” Rockhold said on Just Scrap Radio on “But, there is no truth to it, he obviously rehearsed and thought about what he was going to do but he’s not digging boogies. If he put something on me for real, like I said before, everything comes back tenfold. I do it for real, you fake it, I blew my snotty bloody boogers all over Paulo Costa’s face and you drank that shit bitch, Paulo you are my bitch.”

Although Mike Perry picked his nose and wiped it on Luke Rockhold, the former UFC middleweight champion says he will let his hands do the talking anyways. Rockhold is oozing with confidence and believes he will be too much for Perry and get the KO win.

“I think Mike bit off more than he can chew. I think he wants to test himself and I do respect that about Mike. He wants to fight a champion and wants a true test. He also wants to get paid,” Rockhold added. “I mean no one will watch him otherwise. He thinks he’s the reason why I’m here, I’m the reason people are watching, so f**k you. This is a two-way street and I’m carrying the load and Mike is my little accomplice.”

Who do you think will win the BKFC 41 main event, Luke Rockhold or Mike Perry?

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