Larissa Pacheco expects Kayla Harrison to return for 2023 season after she wins PFL title: “I’m going to win and she will not take that”

By Cole Shelton - November 23, 2022

Larissa Pacheco believes she is at her best ahead of her PFL Championship fight against Kayla Harrison.

Larissa Pacheco

Pacheco fought Harrison twice in 2019 in the regular season and for the inaugural PFL women’s lightweight title with Harrison winning both by decision. Since then, Pacheco believes she is a true lightweight now and has only improved since their first two fights.

“I could see what I was missing after the two fights against Kayla,” Pacheco said on Just Scrap Radio on “I was three years without fighting and I couldn’t prepare my body for the size and her grappling game. I’ve since been able to make myself stronger and prepare my body… I’m much better right now. I’ve been showing that in all my fights.”

Against Harrison, Pacheco is expecting the Olympic gold medalist to shoot early for a takedown. She doubts the champ will want to strike with her, but she is confident she will be able to keep it standing and get the win.

“I think she will try it very fast because she knows how good my punch is if I land,” Pacheco said. “I don’t think she has ever had a fighter against her with the power I do… It’s very hard to say what is going to happen but she is going to try and take me down. But I’m not going to tell you guys what my game plan is, but I think she will try and take me down, she doesn’t know my game.”

If Larissa Pacheco gets her hand raised, she also expects Kayla Harrison to enter the 2023 season. Harrison has made it clear she is not going to be part of next year’s season but Pacheco doubts that will be the case if she loses.

“Yeah, I believe so. I’m going to win, and she will not take that, she will come back (in the 2023 season) and will want to fight me again,” Pacheco said.

Along with beating Harrison and becoming a world champion, Pacheco will also win $1 million. She says that is life-changing money which will also help her become a better fighter.

“That’s going to completely change my life, I will be able to buy a house for myself and invest in my career and training. That will change my personal and professional life,” Pacheco concluded.

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