Jorge Masvidal: UFC will keep GSP “as far away as they can from me”

By Tom Taylor - February 26, 2017

Last month, a widely unheralded Jorge Masvidal shocked the world by ending the welterweight win-streak of Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone with a blistering, second-round knockout. With this win, Masvidal rocketed up the welterweight rankings, where battles with the division’s top fighters now await him.

Jorge Masvidal

Unfortunately, Masvidal has had a very difficult time getting another fight booked. That, of course, is not for lack of trying. Over the last few weeks, the American Top Team staple has expressed interest in fights with Demian Maia, Neil Magny, Nick Diaz, and even returning welterweight great Georges St-Pierre.

Masvidal made his callout of St-Pierre on Twitter.

As Masvidal says in his Tweet, however, he doesn’t expect this fight to materialize. He reiterated this feeling on them most recent episode of BJ Penn Radio.

“I don’t think that fight will ever get booked,” he told host Kinch. “I’m just saying it because I would love it. I would love to get that fight, but that fight’s never going to get booked. Never in a million years, not by GSP, not by any of those guys. That guy’s the face of the organization. They’re not going to put him with me. I’m gonna to do the same thing I did to Cowboy, you understand what I’m saying? They’re not going to do that. They’re going to keep that guy as far away as they can from me. That guy will never be anywhere in the presence of me.”

Whether it’s against St-Pierre, Maia, Magny, Diaz or somebody else, however, Masvidal is just hoping to get a deal soon – ideally for a fight in May.

“There’s a big card in May coming up,” he said referencing UFC 211 in Dallas, Texas. “May would be a great date for me. I’d love to come in May, so I’m in tip-top shape, you know? But I could go April, that’s not a problem. If the right fight came, I could go at the end of March.”

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