John Dodson says it’s “embarassing” Reggie Barnett Jr. turned him down at KnuckleMania 3, vows to KO him in the first round to win BKFC flyweight title

By Cole Shelton - February 20, 2023

John Dodson was supposed to be fighting for the inaugural BKFC flyweight title at KnuckleMania 3.

John Dodson

Dodson was offered to face Reggie Barnett Jr. at KnuckleMania 3 – who is the current interim bantamweight champ – but Dodson says Barnett Jr. turned him down. With that, Jarod Grant took the fight in what BKFC billed as a number-one contender bout. The fight ended up not lasting long as Dodson made quick work scoring a first-round knockout.

“I thought he was going to be a lot more durable than what he showcased,” Dodson said to “But, at the same time, I know I am a beast and I thought Ryan Benoit was also going to be tougher in that fight as well. I know I can do the exact same thing to anyone I fight in BKFC. I went back to being the same killer I once was. Just being the same monster I was at flyweight secured me so many victories.”

With Dodson getting the win, he will be one-half of a flyweight title fight but isn’t sure who he will be fighting. He hopes it will be Barnett Jr., as he says it’s embarrassing if Barnett Jr. turns him down again.

“They already said it was the number one contender fight at flyweight. I will be fighting for the title,” Dodson said. “Reggie Barnett was supposed to be the guy I was fighting at KnuckleMania 3 for the inaugural flyweight title. But, he decided not to take the fight. I signed the contract to fight him and they gave me a Jarod Grant as an alternate. He better takes the fight now. If he doesn’t, I’ll keep telling him it’s embarrassing that a champion is scared to get destroyed.”

If John Dodson does get the fight against Reggie Barnett Jr., the UFC veteran is confident he will end the fight early.

“Reggie keeps saying there are levels to this game and I’m at a far higher level than he will ever be. I knock him out in the first round, plain and simple,” Dodson said.

Should Dodson get the win, he would become the BKFC flyweight champ, and is also confident he will hold the RIZIN title by the end of the year as well.

“I’d love to go get something in the next couple of months in RIZIN. Go and dismantle someone and then get that fight against Reggie,” Dodson concluded. “I’m trying to go ahead and get the RIZIN title on one shoulder and the BKFC title on the other.”

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