EXCLUSIVE | Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry: ‘I want to be doing things first like Conor is doing and like BJ Penn before him’

By Russell Ess - November 24, 2016

Undefeated Mike “Platinum” Perry has been making some waves in the UFC in a short amount of time with having two finishing fights in the Octagon. Going into his third UFC competition scheduled for UFC on FOX 22 where he is set to take on Alan “Brahma” Jouban, Perry is setting his goals for a monumental career.

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“I want to be doing things first like Conor is doing and like BJ Penn before him,” Perry told BJ Penn.com’s Chris Taylor on a recent Rapid Fire segment. “BJ was not a simultaneous champ, but he did win world titles in two weight divisions. In fact, he fought at every weight class! 205 he fought Lyoto Machida at. That is just nuts! BJ Penn is the man. I was so thrilled to hear from him (BJ Penn) and that he loves watching me fight. When I beat Jouban I am going to do a little BJ Penn face-smack.

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“I also like what Conor has been doing lately where he takes influential people in time and wears their outfits. Like he wore Biggie’s Gucci sweater. He wore Joe Frazier’s fur coat. That shit is dope man. Maybe I will look BJ up on google and see if he ever got fresh and I will copy his outfit for the night.”

With Perry’s acknowledgment of what Conor McGregor is currently doing in the sport, Taylor asked Perry what his thoughts were on McGregor vs Alvarez.

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“I seen it going that way. I didn’t see it going that fast, though,” Perry told Taylor. “Actually, it was a second-round knockout and I think I predicted the second or third. I wouldn’t bet against Conor unless he was fighting me. He’s been breaking records and making history and I seen him doing that against Alvarez. McGregor knows how to talk and he knows how to walk. Good for him man I’m proud of that guy. He is making it better for all of us. I’m not going to front. But just because I like him don’t mean I don’t want to fight him. Like he said ‘they all want to fight me.’ And yea, he is right. Maybe I can make a wave and call him out.”

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