Nick Diaz: ‘Conor McGregor copied my model and mixed it with Floyd’

Nick Diaz Conor McGregor

One of the original bad boys of the UFC is none other than Nick Diaz.

The brash scrapper from Stockton, California has always said exactly what was on his mind and never was one to pull back any punches.

With many fighters trying to up their popularity in the fight game by trash talking, the older Diaz brother says that he opened up the doors for that aspect of the game to happen.

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“People were scared and when they watched me, that’s what I’m saying, Conor McGregor copies my model and mixed it with Floyd,” Diaz recently said on the Opie Radio show. “I don’t know how to act like Floyd and be all money guy because I grew up broke and we just don’t act that way. I don’t wanna act like a douche like that. Like, if I had these understandings maybe I would’ve approached it differently but I never put on an act. I was legitimately pissed off for reasons.”

Diaz said that it was never him to stir up the pot with any of his foes but has always taken a firm stance once the trash talk was aimed at him.

“I never stepped out of line on anybody. I never do. I’m like, these guys start running their mouth at me and they say the wrong shit and then I call them on it and then I’m like, ‘Yeah motherf***er! You know I worked harder than you!'”

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Diaz went on to say that most fighters don’t have the work ethic like he does to get to the top of the game, especially those who go home to a “nice wife and nice life,” which is what sets himself apart from his competition.

“I’m over here, miles [triathlon training and competitions], jiu-jitsu, pro boxing, kickboxing, judo, and sambo. And, I’m doing all of it taking all of it into consideration and always have.”