EXCLUSIVE | BJ Penn addresses his fans about the USADA IV violation

BJ 'The Prodigy' Penn

Yesterday it was announced that former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn had been pulled from his scheduled UFC 199 bout with Cole Miller due to a USADA IV violation.

We caught up with the UFC Hall of Fame fighter earlier today to discuss the USADA violation and what will come next in the career of “The Prodigy”.

What exactly happened with USADA and the banned IV violation?

“I took an IV back in March, this was back before I had a fight scheduled. USADA came to do a random out of competition¬†drug test on me later that month and asked me when was the last time I took an IV. I told them I took an IV a week ago. USADA then collected a urine sample from me and left. About a month later, USADA came at 5:30am in the morning and collected a blood and urine sample from me. USADA has never contacted me about failing any of these random drug tests. The last I heard from them was regarding this IV just over a week ago.”

How many times have you been tested by USADA?

“Those two occasions were the only times that I have been tested by USADA and I passed both of those tests.”

Did you know that you could not take an IV 365 days a year before talking to USADA?

“I had no clue. I always focused on the idea of the IV being administered for an advantage on the day of a weigh in. Now that I know,¬†it will never happen again.”

In the past, you made a statement saying that “only wimps use IV’s”, do you still stand by that?

“Of course I still stand by that. I was referring to guys taking IV’s to rehydrate after the official UFC weigh ins, and then fighting someone like myself who would never use an IV to rehydrate.”

Do you still think that USADA is good for the sport of MMA?

“Absolutely. I love having USADA involved with the UFC. They are doing an excellent job of cleaning up the sport.”

What does this IV violation mean for your career?

“Well the good thing about the IV Violation is that I am the one who told them (USADA) that I took an IV, so there does not need to be an investigation. Hopefully they can hand down whatever punishment they deem necessary right away, so that I can start looking towards scheduling my next fight.”

When are you hoping to be able to make your return to the octagon?

“As soon as possible. Whichever fight card has an opening after my temporary/provisional suspension is served.”

Who would you like to see BJ Penn fight in his return to the octagon?

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