Tristan Hamm details transition from influencer to boxer ahead of Le’Veon Bell boxing match, eyes future fight with Dillon Danis

By Cole Shelton - May 2, 2024

Tristan Hamm made quick work in his boxing debut and now he wants to see how far he can take it.

Tristan Hamm

Hamm, also known as Mr. Adventure on social media with over two million Instagram followers, had his boxing debut in January on the Misfits card. He scored a quick knockout win, and although he’s only been boxing for six months, Hamm says being part of the influencer boxing was something he had been interested in.

“I’m a diehard boxing fan, so I think every true man has that dream of being Rocky Balboa. I’ve been lurking in the scene, seeing how everything will develop,” Hamm said on Just Scrap Radio on “Threw my growth in social media, I’ve had so many offers through various influencer boxer promotions, all over the world and some pretty significant offers. I didn’t want to take any offer, as I wanted to make sure it made sense long-term, as you can’t play boxing. Misfits is a very serious promotion, things are hitting up there, I like to say it’s a mix of WWE and UFC but for boxing and real fights.”

After Hamm’s knockout win over Not Logan Paul, he began campaigning to try and secure a boxing match with former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell.

Hamm had been vocal calling out Bell and he will get his wish as the two will box at Misfits 15 on May 25.

“You can’t play boxing, and boxing is a very different sport than the NFL or the adventure stuff I do. On the professional side of things, I think he is an incredible athlete, I think he’s extremely tough, he is without a question the toughest guy in Misfits. There is a Misfits tournament, he’s the toughest guy, I’m not afraid of a tough guy. He has more boxing experience, but I don’t think he has been in there with someone who has the grit that I do,” Hamm said.

Although Le’Veon Bell has more experience than Tristan Hamm, the Canadian influencer has full confidence in his skills. Hamm trains under BJ Flores, who is the former trainer of Jake Paul, which gives him confidence. With that, he expects to get another KO win over Le’Veon Bell and send a statement to the rest of Misfits.

“I definitely think you consume who you knockout. I definitely think I am going to win the title in Misfits. I’m going to win the cruiserweight title, and that was KSI’s title, so I hope he comes back for it. There will be a lot of people who are talking smack after I win it though,” Hamm said.

Should Hamm get the KO win he’s after, he will finish the Misfits tournament for the cruiserweight belt. But, after that, he hopes he can get a fight with Logan Paul, KSI, or Dillon Danis.

“I want all the biggest names and the toughest competition. I’m not calling anyone out, but fighting Logan Paul would be legit, but I don’t know if he’s retired. If KSI wants to give me the opportunity, I’d love to, but I have so much respect for him for giving me the opportunity with Misfits. There is nobody in particular who I have in mind other than Dillon Danis. The job didn’t get done properly, I think that would be an entertaining fight,” Hamm concluded.

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