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Blake Bilder plans to “put on a show” and finish Shane Young in his debut at UFC 284: “It will bring a spotlight and a lot of eyes on me”

Blake Bilder is excited to finally make his UFC debut.

After Bilder submitted Alex Morgan in the first round on the Contender, the 32-year-old earned a UFC deal. Although he was hoping to make his debut in 2022, he was offered to fight Shane Young at UFC 284.

“Not familiar at all, to be honest. He seems like a pretty decent guy, pretty well-rounded, he has more experience than me,” Bilder said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “But, in the last couple of years, he has only had a couple of fights. I just feel like with the bad KO and with a little bit of time off, he is going to feel it when we get into the cage.”

Although Bilder wasn’t too familiar with Young, after studying him he began getting confident he would not only beat the Kiwi but will finish him. He believes the layoff will impact Young and expects his ground game to be too much for the Kiwi.

“I see it being a finish. I had an old coach tell me I ain’t getting paid by the hour so I better get in and get out,” Bilder said. “It’s just like, of course, I want to entertain the crowd, put on a show, and display my skillset. But, first and foremost I have to get in there and get the job done. I want to be in here for a long time and retire in the UFC, so I want to go in and show what I am capable of.”

Should Blake Bilder get the finish win over Shane Young at UFC 284, he believes it would be a statement. He knows Alexander Volkanovski couldn’t even finish Young so if he does, he thinks he will get a lot of eyes and hype on him.

“That is what I like most about it. Obviously, the kid is tough, all those Australians. He hasn’t been finished other than that knockout early in the first round. I think that is the best part about it that he fought the champ and he went to a decision. But, against me, it’s a different story. It will bring a spotlight and a lot of eyes on me,” Bilder concluded.

Do you think Blake Bilder will finish Shane Young at UFC 284?

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