Artem Lobov blasts fans for saying Conor McGregor needs to switch camps, reveals UFC 264 camp took place in Dubai

By Cole Shelton - June 30, 2021

Artem Lobov doesn’t think Conor McGregor needs to leave John Kavanagh to become a world champion again.

Conor McGregor, Artem Lobov

After McGregor suffered a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, many said the Irishman needed a change of camps. Yet, for Lobov, he says that will never happen due to the fact McGregor is loyal. He also says it doesn’t make sense to leave the coach that made him become a two-weight world champ.

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“Absolutely, he would never leave them, he’s a loyal guy,” Lobov said about McGregor changing coaches on Just Scrap Radio on “But, the main thing is as well, hold on, guys, you mean leave the coach that helped him become the first-ever two-weight world champion? You mean that coach? The coach that helped him achieve something that nobody has achieved before. Is that the coach you want him to leave? Come on now. Yeah, this is a f*cking tough game of course.

“We all talked about this. Sometimes Conor maybe wasn’t committed, wasn’t training as hard as he should have. We know what the issues are,” Lobov continued about McGregor. “It has nothing to do with the coaches. Now, he’s committed again, he’s training all the time, and he’s with the right people. John Kavanagh knows his every move. To switch coaches, if I were to switch coaches, I wouldn’t fight for two years then. You need two years to really understand the coach.”

Although Artem Lobov says Conor McGregor would never change coaches, he did make a small adjustment to his training. Due to the lockdown rules in Ireland, McGregor and the team had their entire UFC 264 camp in Dubai. For Lobov, he says the change of scenery will help the Irishman as he has no distractions from being at home and is only focusing on the fight against Dustin Poirier.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to spar Conor because him and John Kavanagh and the whole main camp are away in Dubai, training,” Lobov concluded about McGregor. “That is where the camp set with all the restrictions it was easier to do it there… We will get it done, I have no doubt that Conor will get the win and I will bring another win as well July 24.”

What do you make of Artem Lobov saying Conor McGregor will never change coaches?

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