Alan Belcher expects to KO Arnold Adams “early” to win BKFC heavyweight title, believes Ben Rothwell could be his first title defense

By Cole Shelton - February 22, 2023

Alan Belcher is confident he will become the BKFC heavyweight champion on Friday in Louisiana at BKFC 36.


Belcher is set to take on Arnold Adams for the heavyweight title in an intriguing matchup. Since signing with BKFC, Belcher is 3-0 and coming off a first-round knockout win over Frank Tate. After the win, he thought a title shot would be next, but was okay if he had to fight again.

“There is always some thought I wouldn’t get it. I think it would be a mistake to expect things to be easy,” Belcher said on Just Scrap Radio on “I’ve known all along I would work my way toward the title shot and see where things go. But, every fight I have been in there in BKFC to try and get to the title faster. That is part of my master plan.”

Once Belcher got the title fight against Adams, he began studying him and knows the champ is a dangerous opponent. With that said, Belcher is confident that Adams hasn’t ever fought anyone like him.

“One of the positives that I look at is what does this guy bring to the table? I’m looking at something my opponents do that could be a danger to me,” Belcher explained. “One of the things is his win streak. He is not fighting the best or the highest-level guys in the world, but it’s something to keep your mind sharp. But, it’s nothing I wouldn’t expect, I’m looking for these things so I can find something that will give me more motivation and be careful and a little bit more fear as I’m trying to take the belt away.”

With Alan Belcher being confident Arnold Adams hasn’t fought anyone like him, he believes he will have a ton of success in the matchup. Belcher expects his power will be too much for Adams to handle and he will score a KO win at BKFC 36 to become the heavyweight champ.

“It’s not that I don’t want it to go to the distance. I will say if it goes to a decision, I will win. I don’t see any way I can’t win. My plan is to knock him out early,” Belcher said. “I’m going to predict a knockout finish over Arnold Adams by the end of round three.”

If Belcher does get the KO win at BKFC 36 as he expects, the UFC veteran believes his first title defense will be against Ben Rothwell.

“No, I don’t think so. I like Arnold he is cool, he’s a good bare-knuckle fighter, but if he gets knocked out the way I suspect I will knock him out, that should close the door on an immediate rematch,” Belcher concluded. “I think he will have to get two wins in a row to fight for the title again. The biggest reason why is there are other big names coming in… I think so, yeah. Rothwell hasn’t had a whole lot of experience but he is super tough. That is a challenge in itself and his size. I feel like he still has some learning so maybe him and Mick Terrill fight and I face the winner.”

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