UFC on FOX 30 Results: Dustin Poirier mauls Eddie Alvarez in the second (video)

By Chris Taylor - July 28, 2018

A key lightweight rematch featuring former division champion Eddie Alvarez taking on surging division contender Dustin Poirier headlined tonight’s UFC on FOX 30 event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Dustin Poirier, UFC on FOX 30, UFC Calgary

Alvarez and Poirier first met at UFC 211 in 2017, but that fight unfortunately ended in a no-contest after Eddie landed a pair of illegal knees.

Here’s how the UFC Calgary main event went down.

Round One:

Alvarez takes center cage. He’s moving well. Poirier throws a right hook and misses. Poirier misses with a low kick. Alvarez plows forward and lands with a series of body shots. He follows up with a low kick. Poirier skips forward as if he’s going to throw a knee, but refrains. Poirier lands a jab and a low kick. He follows up with another jab. Alvarez lands a punishing kick to the body, and Poirier fires back with the same attack. Poirier stumbles Alvarez with a leg kick. He looks to trap Alvarez against the cage, but Alvarez makes space with a pair of punches. He’s boxing well. Alvarez shoots for a single leg, but it’s a bust. Poirier lands some heavy punches, and Alvarez fires back. Alvarez looks to spin, but cancels his plan. Alvarez lands a low kick. Poirier lands a low kick. They swing hard near the cage, both chins are holding up so far. Poirier probes with a front kick to the face. Alvarez attacks the body again — he’s liking this maneuver tonight. He follows up with a low kick. A fun round wraps up and both guys are smiling.

Round Two:

The action begins again and Alvarez is already wearing the damage. Poirier is having success with the jab. Alvarez swings and misses, Poirier fires back and lands. Alvarez sends Poirier down with a kick, but Poirier is fine. Poirier threatens with a guillotine. It’s deep, but Alvarez is hanging in there. He escapes and the crowd is going wild. Alvarez stands up, and they clinch up. Alvarez lands a takedown. Poirier looks for another guillotine, but the former champion slips out. He’s reigning down the ground and pound, and climbs onto his foe’s back. Alvarez attacks with a face crank. It’s tight, but Poirier perseveres. Alvarez climbs into mount against the cage. There appears to have been some kind of foul. The replay reveals it’s a 12-6 elbow, which landed on Poirier’s shoulder. The action resumes after a warning to Alvarez. They’re swinging now. Poirier suddenly has Alvarez in big trouble. Alvarez is hanging in there, as he always does. He’s an animal. Poirier continues to pour it on. He is mauling Alvarez with knees to the body and head — one looks like it landed to the groin. Alvarez’s chin won’t give out, but the referee can only allow so much. He dives in, sparing Alvarez from any more punishment. The night is Poirier’s. What a win for The Diamond!


Result: Dustin Poirier defeats Eddie Alvarez by TKO in Round 2

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