Travis Browne roasts Derrick Lewis after his loss to Mark Hunt, challenges him to rematch

By Tom Taylor - June 11, 2017

Last night, in the main event of UFC Fight Night 110, streaking American heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis stepped onto the canvas with a bona fide MMA legend in Mark Hunt. Lewis’ goal was to extend his win-streak to a division-best seven-straight, and just maybe, earn himself the next crack at the UFC heavyweight title.

Travis Browne blasts Derrick Lewis

Regrettably for Lewis and his fans, the veteran Hunt was just too much.

Though Lewis certainly landed some big punches in this bout, he faded quickly as the bout wore on, at which point a patient Hunt leaned on a clear striking advantage to wear him down to a fourth-round TKO win.

While Lewis deserves plenty of respect for laying it all on the line against a legend like Hunt, there is no denying that this was not a good night for him. In the wake of his loss to Hunt, many of his peers criticized his clear deficit in the cardio department. A few also questioned his heart, as he appeared to give up once he got tired.

Of all the fighters to criticize Lewis in the wake of his loss, none did so with quite the same venom as his recent opponent Travis Browne. Browne took to Instagram to blast Lewis shortly after the fight, trashing him for his domestic abuse accusations and his lack of heart, telling him he should retire, and telling him he’d happily rematch him if he didn’t retire.

See Browne’s statement on Lewis below:

“You say you have the most heart in the heavyweight division, but I just watched you quit,” he said. “You should retire. You brought up false news about me that affected my family. What happened to your Mom, no woman should have to go through. Miss Lewis, you have my sympathy. I hope your family isn’t affected by false accusations or false news, like mine was. Even though you didn’t have the same consideration for my family, I wish the best for your wife and children. Enjoy your wedding on the islands, my home is heaven on earth. Best wishes. We know you don’t have the heart, but if you have the balls, I’m down to run it back.”

Do you want to see Travis Browne and Derrick Lewis fight again?

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