Dana White says UFC does not define him: “The only thing I care about is how my kids remember me”

By Zain Bando - September 14, 2023

Dana White has opened up about the death of his parents.

Dana White

Regarding personal matters, UFC CEO Dana White doesn’t normally get too deep.

However, in an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan Thursday, White elaborated on his personal life, including revealing the recent death of his parents, June and Dana White Sr., while also discussing how he’d like to be remembered when his time is up.

Dana White, who has run the UFC since 2001, has taken the sport to unthinkable heights, while helping transcend the sport of MMA in the process.

White has been a fixture of nearly every milestone the sport has been through, and was strategic in the growth of mainstream media attention and the evolution of women’s MMA.

“Everybody’s always asking about legacy, your legacy,” Dana White said. “What you did for a living isn’t your legacy. Your legacy is your children and their children and, you know, how they feel about you. Listen, we all make mistakes, and we all fail in life at many different things. My opinion is, the one thing that you can’t fail is being a parent. It’s the ultimate failure.”

Dana White said he felt no remorse when discussing the passing of his parents, explaining the difficulty of publicly discussing it. What he does acknowledge, however, is they taught him the kind of parent he didn’t want to be to his three kids — Dana III, Aidan and Savannah.

“I wouldn’t change one thing about the way that I was brought up because I truly believe that had I not had them as parents, had I not had the upbringing that I did have, I wouldn’t be who I am today,” White said.

Dana White wants his kids to be proud of him

White said the circle he kept for the last 40 years has remained tight-knit and wants to stay that way. Despite his private sector of friends, however, what matters to him the most is the outlook on how his kids feel about him. White turned 54 in July and has lived in Las Vegas for over two decades.

“The only thing I care about is how my kids remember me and what they think when I’m gone,” White said. “All this other stuff means nothing to me. I’m very fortunate that I get to do what I love to do every day and I still am very passionate about it. But, at the end of the day, it’s all about how I was as a father and what my kids think.”

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